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“We just wanted to let you know how pleased we are with the ad you set us up with. We enjoy being associated with such a positive website like The Update. “Thanks again, Ian, for your support!!!” Ken and Heather Clark, Xtreme Fitness SJI

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We just wanted to let you know how pleased we are with the ad you set us up with. We have had many members tell us that they first heard about our gym through your site. And since we cleverly have such a long web address, we often find it easier to direct people to The Update and tell them to simply click on the Xtreme Fitness button ad which will take them right to our site.

We have been extremely busy, and appreciate the ease and convenience of having you design the ad for us…especially the changes we requested to reflect our open house dates. We also enjoy being associated with such a positive website like The Update. Thanks again, Ian, for your support!

Ken and Heather Clark Xtreme Fitness SJI


I just thought I’d drop you a line to tell you how much we appreciate the great visibility we get from our ad on the San Juan Update web page. I know that it’s the first place I go when I turn on my computer.

When I learned the number of hits that Friday Harbor Labs’ ad on the Update had in a 3 week period, I was amazed. Since one of our interests is getting the word out on what’s happening at Friday Harbor Labs, as well as what courses and other opportunities are available, advertising on Update is proving to be a great investment with a terrific return on that investment.

Thanks again!


Bob Schwartzberg, former Director of Development University of Washington Friday Harbor Laboratories


We were just perusing the Internet, when Stephanie said “Let’s see what’s going on in Friday Harbor.” Wow, what a tremendous resource your site has become! It’s second only to living there. And for us “graduates”, a continuing reminder how wonderful life can be in the Islands. On behalf of a LOT of folks that check in often, many thanks for the excellent coverage!

Tom & Stephanie Gonser