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My friend Janet Thomas offered this invitation...


Our friend, Ben White
This Sunday, July 30th,  is the first anniversary of Ben’s death and some things are happening to honor him and also to bring us together in personal reflection, potluck celebration of his life, and pondering ways to keep his work alive in the world.
David Howitt, Ben’s longtime fellow-activist and friend to the very end, says that Ben died at the moment the Relay for Life started here on the island last year. This year, some people are walking in honor of Ben and some are making donations to the American Cancer Society and getting luminaria in his name.
Between 2 and 4 on Sunday afternoon there will be a time of quiet communing with trees in “Ben’s Grove” at Vivien Burnett’s place out on San Juan Valley Road. Ben did a lot of work there, climbing trees and loving them as he limbed them for forest health and a quiet sanctuary. David Howitt and Todd Louwen, of Natural Guard, will be there hanging ropes for anyone who might like to sit in a tree for a bit. To get to Vivien’s, go west on San Juan Valley Road to Emmerling (not far past the pumpkin patch), turn right, then turn right on Hubbard and right again to Full Moon Ranch. Parking in the field.
At 5 o’clock on Sunday there will be a potluck gathering at the Munsey’s out at Eagle Cove. Tom and Wilma made a home for Ben when he came out of hospital for the last time and in turn it became a home to many of us who knew and loved Ben. Bring a dish, any dish. The potluck rule of no particular order is in effect, although Wilma will provide one of her divine desserts for the occasion The BBQ will be cranked up if you want to bring something to toss on. David Howitt and friends will bring us up to date on what’s happened with Ben’s work over the past year and what we can do to help. Hopefully, music will appear. Bring your instruments to make it so.  To get to the Munsey’s go out Cattle Point Road to Eagle Cove Drive (just before the American Camp park entrance). Turn right and then make the first right on Ocean View. They live at 184 Ocean View. Something will mark the spot.
Thanks to Alan Lichter and Tom Munsey for the creation of a “Ben White Shelf” at the San Juan Island Library. This has just been arranged and it will be home to books about our environment as well as writings by, and reminiscences about, Ben. Keep an eye out when you go to the library.
As time goes by, Ben’s legacy looms even larger; and so does our love for him as well as our responsibility to this earthly home upon which he perched so profoundly for such a precious short time.
Please send this email around to all friends and relations. Everyone is welcome to all or any of the “Ben Day” events.