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Angie wanted you to know she's selling her stuff!

She writes:

WOO HOO - Angie has Been Voted Off The Island!
For lack of a better excuse...I've been bad...heehee
I bought all this georgeous stuff with my rent money...
and it comes at fine time because I will most likely have
to go home to take care of family matters anyway.
For anyone who knows me...I'm a shopaholic!

So: TONIGHT! (yes it's last minute...)
1005 Guard St #7 Heather Ct Apartments accross from the
library... 6pm til it's all gone! HUGE INDOOR YARD SALE! type thingy
There are piles of FREE STUFF!
There are piles of FABULOUS $5 stuff
Furniture, TV, Book Case, Microwave, Small Appliances
Margarita Glasses (woohoo) Dishes, Books, Movies, all that kinda stuff
that can be replaced with my rent money at my new place (haha)
SO come and celebrate with me (my cheery attitude is borderline certifiable so psychologists unwelcome-kidding)
I am not going to haggle on prices everything is DIRT CHEAP...don't ask...just come and have a glass of wine, buy some stuff, pick thru the free pile and say
Hi, and possibly Bye to Angie