Bob Levinson for Dwight Colley

Until recently I have not paid much attention to the issue of the SJI Fire Department combining with the EMS. Now that the issue is coming up for a vote, I’ve started looking into it. What I see I do not like.

My issue with combining the EMS with the fire department is our EMS EMT’s are a crack team.  For years they have been rated one of the best in the country. A few years ago, they were number one in the country in saving heart attack victims. 

“If it ain’t broke don’t fix it”.

To me it is like putting the Navy SEALS under the leadership of an infantry commander.  Two different units with different goals. The fire department’s goal is to put out fires, while the EMS is to save lives. Occasionally both goals may merge, but not often. EMS EMT’s do not have to be at all fire calls, nor does the fire department have to be at all medical emergency calls. If the departments do not combine, the fire department does not need to raise the tax rate.

In doing my research on this issue I talked to DWIGHT COLLEY, who is an EMS EMT. It makes sense to have someone on the fire commission who understands EMS. Currently there is no one. After my talks with Dwight, I decided to back him for fire commissioner.  I hope like-minded Islanders will join me.

Bob Levinson