Derek Steere & Lauren Cohen for Greg Hertel

In Support of Greg Hertel

We are writing in support of Greg Hertel for Port Commissioner. As a Port business tenant and owners of a marine related business that has existed in the Port for 42 years, we have the unique opportunity to observe the inner workings of this community asset. Truth be told, in most cases, we support term limits on politicians but admittedly in some circumstances the negative impact of losing an incumbent outweighs the need for new leadership. The history and institutional knowledge of the Port that Greg possesses is greatly needed at this point in time.  Greg’s leadership has been integral in the many projects currently happening including the expansion of the Port at Shipyard Cove and Jensen’s Boatyard along with the airport, marina and Jackson Beach. The current leadership team at the Port with our executive director, harbormaster and commissioners is an excellent one and should be allowed to see these projects through without disruption.

On a personal level, as a tenant, we have found Greg to care about the Port businesses and their success. He is willing to listen and even when there is a disagreement of policy or philosophy, he is professional, fair and does not allow heated issues to affect a relationship.

Greg Hertel understands and recognizes how important the Port of Friday Harbor is to our community, county and its broad reach beyond. He has proven his dedication to the Port with his years of service and success. Re-elect Greg Hertel as Port Commissioner.

Derek Steere & Lauren Cohen
San Juan Canvas, Co.