Duncan Wilson for Farhad Ghatan

I am very proud of the accomplishments of the employees of the Town of Friday Harbor during my nine-plus years as the Town Administrator. Equally impressive has been the leadership of the Council in evaluating and then funding the projects which have benefited the community. We have also been blessed with solid leadership from the Mayors that I have worked with, Carrie Lacher and Farhad Ghatan. 

I am personally supporting Farhad in his run for re-election as Mayor of the Town. I really like Ray Jackson. I think he is a fine businessman. However, Farhad has been an excellent Mayor and has exhibited the type of leadership which we need to meet the complicated agenda that lies ahead in the next four years. As a town resident, I want what is best for all of us in managing the growth and challenges we still face.

On a professional level, the outcome of this race will not impact me. I will be retiring in January and will not be an employee for whoever wins this election. The position of Mayor is not a ceremonial job; it requires a level of experience and understanding which Farhad possesses. Please vote for Farhad Ghatan to lead us through these upcoming challenges.

Duncan Wilson, Friday Harbor resident