Duncan Wilson for Island Rec

To the Editor:

San Juan Island is a special place filled with extraordinary people, wildlife and vistas. The true quality of a community must also be gauged by the educational offerings and programs we provide to not only our students, but to those in every represented age group. Island Rec is more than just a park and recreation district; it engenders the very amenities that provide our island with a quality of life unmatched in this State.

To be a member of a community is to take on certain responsibilities for one another. We owe a level of empathy, generosity and care that lift us from ordinary to exceptional. We all benefit from programs and resources that enrich our society.

Island Rec provides these very amenities. This levy includes a new 8 cent assessment that will allow Island Rec to handle the maintenance and operations of the 30 acre San Juan Island Community Park being constructed with private donations from generous citizens.

We all look to Island Rec to provide us with parks and trails as well as movies, music and art. This levy provides the funding necessary to keep high school sports alive on San Juan Island. I am asking you to join me and other concerned islanders and vote to renew the Island Rec levy. The quality of our life here is dependent upon a community-wide commitment to fund and maintain our best assets.

Duncan Wilson
Friday Harbor