Letter: Wolf is Dedicated to San Juans

By Marc Cohen, Orcas Island

Cindy Wolf has my whole-hearted support as a candidate for the county council.

She is smart, articulate, hard-working and compassionate. She’s a great listener.

Most importantly, she is dedicated to making San Juan County a better place to live and work for all of its residents.

She is well-informed about the key issues that the county faces and is devoted to solving them.

She is concerned about the lack of affordable housing for low- and middle-income workers; she favors a cap on vacation rentals; she wants to diversify the economy to provide jobs that pay a living wage; in the face of the pandemic, she supports the county medical officer’s efforts to prioritize our health and safety over a too-rapid full re-opening of the economy.

Cindy is not beholden to any particular influence group. She’ll be a council member we can all be proud of. Please vote for Cindy Wolf.