Noel Monin for Farhad Ghatan

Please join me in voting for Farhad Ghatan for Mayor.  I have served you as a Town of Friday Harbor Councilmember since 2009.  During my service I have worked with Farhad in his positions as Mayor, Town Councilmember and other board and commission appointments.

Primary duties of our mayor include presiding over Town Council meetings, directing hiring and appointments, working with the Town Administrator on all town matters, seeing through council-adopted resolutions and ordinances, and supporting the community through proclamations and representation. The role is to ensure fair and balanced governance and management, to include public input in a respectful manner, and to ensure legislative directives are prepared, processed, and executed by statute.

As your Mayor, Farhad has successfully fulfilled these responsibilities throughout his term.  He has consistently demonstrated a respect for citizens’ input in Council meetings, has ensured fair and balanced discussions, and faithfully executed his responsibility to lead staff and to enact legislation passed by the Council.  He understands the broad range of issues facing our community, from the need for affordable daycare and housing to the need for repairs, maintenance, and upgrades of our critical infrastructure.  Farhad has done an exceptional job of seeing to these matters and many others within the limits of power of his office.

Your vote for Farhad for a second term is a vote for continuity, stability, and trust.  Please join me in voting yes for Farhad Ghatan.


Noel Monin
Town of Friday Harbor Councilmember