Support for Victoria Compton for Port of FH Commissioner, Dist. 3     

When Victoria told us she was considering running for Port Dist. 3 Commissioner position we realized that all the years of work she has accomplished led to this point in time.  If you look at what she has been involved in through her work with the EDC it is evident she has the energy, the intelligence and the vision to bring the Port into a more valuable position serving the residents of San Juan Island.

Victoria has been an islander for over 30 years and her commitment to community is clear.  She has spent numerous years asking the questions that she and others have helped answer.  Where do we go from here?  Her understanding of the Port and its mission of providing an incubation space for economic development and the future needs of our community is based upon her strong background.  Victoria is an advocate for sustainable, economically viable and environmentally sound development.  This is evident because of the inquiries she has made over the years of community members.

How about a future in which the port has opportunities to help in energy independence, transportation solutions, small business incubation and space for cooperatives in agriculture or forest products?  So many opportunities, but it requires someone with the ability to ask the questions, merge those answers with a vision and push forward with solutions based upon the need for positive change for the community.

As the executive director of the Economic Development Council (EDC) for over 10 years, she has helped hundreds of businesses get stronger.

She has public service experience as a San Juan County Planning Commissioner and as a Town of Friday Harbor lodging tax advisory committee member.

Victoria through the EDC launched the community broadband initiative 10 years ago in partnership with our community and as a result of her and others’ efforts, OPALCO took on the task of bringing high-speed fiber to San Juan County.

Voting for Victoria is a positive step for our future utilizing the resources and economic platform that the Port should support.

Bruce Gregory, Colleen Howe-Gregory
Mitchell Bay Farm, SJI.