Victoria Compton for Island Rec

Dear Editor,

The San Juan County Economic Development Council supports Island Rec in its efforts to stay engaged with our community through their levy.

We feel that Island Rec’s programs contribute significantly to the San Juan Island community and economy. Island Rec’s programs help support working parents with after-school care and other school programs for children. The programs help keep our community healthy by providing exercise classes and events, some specifically tailored for our seniors.

Island Rec is the only entity on San Juan Island currently funding school sports. Youth sports help keep our kids healthy and in shape, and teach them how to work as part of a team. Also, Island Rec maintains the Fairgrounds playground, the Eddie & Friends Dog Park, the LaFarge Open Space (former gravel pit). Our parks are a reason why people visit and want to live here. There is no other funding to maintain these parks.

After 31 years supporting our residents and keeping us healthy, Island Rec now needs our help to pass a levy to continue the same great programs as before and expand the community ballfields. The Board and staff of the San Juan County Economic Development Council urge you to vote yes for this important levy.

Victoria Compton