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Getting Happy

Written on January 4, 2013 at 5:09 am, by

There is an emerging science of getting happy. Researchers are studying what brings happiness, and they’re finding patterns and similarities in the behaviors of happy people that can be reproduced in depressed people with positive results that are better than antidepressants, and with no expense or side effects. The old saying “Stop and smell the  Continue Reading

Joe is playing next week!

Written on June 30, 2012 at 11:12 pm, by

It’s always good to hear live music…here’s a chance for July 6th (that’s a correction – I had originally put  June 6th!): My name is Joe Miller and I will be giving a concert of solo classical guitar music at The Grange, July 6 at 7:30pm. I am in collaboration with my grandfather Joe Miller  Continue Reading

One year old! XYZ Movements Arts looks ahead with Open House on Saturday….

Written on January 5, 2012 at 11:32 pm, by

Remember last year ’round this time when Cynthia Burke got XYZ Movement Arts underway with a handful of yoga, zumba, and movement classes? (You can check the website for upcoming classes & events here.) Well, now she and her teachers are cruising into their second year full speed, and they invite you over to an  Continue Reading

Looking ahead, looking behind….

Written on January 1, 2012 at 2:49 am, by

One of the songs I almost always sing each new year is Both Sides, Now by Joni Mitchell…seems like a good time to share it, now, as you & I move into the wonderful chances for loving, sharing, and healing that are ours to embrace & make happen in the days ahead. Dreams & schemes…let’s  Continue Reading

New Year’s resolution? Same as last year’s.

Written on January 1, 2012 at 1:45 am, by

Thanks to Jessica Nagy, Indexed.

Give yourself to love….

Written on August 30, 2011 at 1:24 am, by

This little video that Devon Schwinge shot of me singing my favorite song on my favorite island is closing in on 10,000 views (and listens)… it humbles me to think that Kate Wolf’s beautiful song has touched that many more hearts. Thanks for listening! And…give yourself to love….

It’s coming on Wednesday at the San Juan County Fair – the Trashion Fashion Show!

Written on August 15, 2011 at 9:05 am, by

I heard there were over 18 people entered & ready to go late last week (so, at least 19, hey), so it looks like people are getting ready for this year’s show! It’ll be Wednesday night at the San Juan County Fair – see you there! To get you in the mood, here’s the portfolio  Continue Reading

You’re not alone…

Written on August 11, 2011 at 6:39 am, by

Just played this at a wedding, so I reckon it’s running ’round in my head a bit….let’s share that, hey – here’s Carole King’s song, by James Taylor…and you have a friend, you know:

Morning song…time to get going!

Written on August 5, 2011 at 5:27 am, by

Sweet Honey in the Rock has been singing for over three decades, and when they sing “Let There Be Peace” you know you have a great day ahead:

The Monsters of Folk….

Written on July 18, 2011 at 7:17 am, by

Have you heard these guys? Here’s a song you might like called “Temazcal”….

It’s time for you to ZIP!!!!

Written on July 10, 2011 at 11:59 pm, by

You know, this is their first summer, but the good folks at Zip San Juan make it look and feel like they’re are old pros at this stuff. Pat and Stella are two of the most cheerful folks you’ll ever meet, and they make a fun experience exhilarating. I love hanging around them (which takes  Continue Reading

A song for the summer….

Written on July 10, 2011 at 11:31 pm, by

I know you’ve heard it before, but after you hear it this morning, you’ll be singing it all day, today – here’s Chad & Jeremy with “Summer Song” from the sixties, and from this morning….

A movie not to be missed…

Written on July 8, 2011 at 5:36 am, by

You have a super chance to see this tonight at the Community Theatre – it’s the Friday Harbor premiere showing of Rob Michaan’s documentary ‘Cut Poison Burn.’ If cancer has touched your life, then this will help fill in some of the gaps in understanding you may have…. The show is at 7pm, with donations  Continue Reading

Give yourself to love…

Written on July 7, 2011 at 7:18 am, by

If you’ve hung around just a little bit, you know that Give Yourself to Love is Kate Wolf’s beautiful ode to the the way love works… I love this song, and hope you like this version by Kathy Mattea in a recording she made for the Seva Foundation….

Sailing to the Southern Cross….

Written on June 30, 2011 at 10:53 pm, by

Always loved this song, and there are enough of us on the island who would rather be out on the water than anything…sing along with Crosby, Stills, and Nash:

It’s just a normal day….

Written on June 27, 2011 at 7:41 pm, by

This is one of those vids you’re gonna watch & then forward to your friend who has 650 Facebook friends, all of whom will think you’re the cool one for finding it for them. There, I did that for you. Check it out.

The impossible tasks….

Written on June 23, 2011 at 8:30 am, by

You know that Scarborough Fair is a series of impossible tasks that, if you can do them, proves your true love. (It’s an old English folk song…luckily, love is much easier now.) Here’s a go at it:

Take a moment to consider…compassion

Written on June 21, 2011 at 10:28 pm, by

Not sure when the last time you listened to a journalist hold forth on the grace & nature of compassion, but maybe this is the next time – here’s a TED talk with Krista Tippett, who stretches the usual sense of the notion….see what you think.

Morning song: “Islands” from Young the Giant

Written on June 1, 2011 at 6:49 am, by

This is from their first album, sung in a familiar setting…

Hate cannot drive out hate: only love can do that. MLK

Written on May 2, 2011 at 2:54 pm, by

I mourn the loss of thousands of precious lives, but I will not rejoice in the death of one, not even an enemy. “Returning hate for hate multiplies hate, adding deeper darkness to a night already devoid of stars. Darkness cannot drive out darkness: only light can do that. “Hate cannot drive out hate: only  Continue Reading

Morning song….

Written on April 27, 2011 at 11:39 pm, by

Here’s Eva Cassidy with Sting’s Fields of Gold…

Class: Learn to access the Akashic Record

Written on April 7, 2011 at 11:29 pm, by

Jandira Shelley is setting up a class for islanders at the end of the month for folks to learn to access their Record – here’s more about the class, and Wendy Sue, who is coming from Kentucky to teach the class (and…the class will be held at my house!): The Akashic Record, a living, breathing,  Continue Reading