Letters: Wolf Has Quality We Need In Leaders

By Mary Wachter, Orcas Island

I support Cindy Wolf for San Juan County Council, and here’s why:

I’ve known Cindy for 10 years. In that time, she’s been a helpful friend and ally.

In both the personal and professional realms, she treats others with respect and consideration. She’s always honest and does not say things if she doesn’t mean them. I highly trust her insight because it comes from a place of groundedness; she carries the wisdom of her past experience to make fruitful choices in the present.

Cindy is a supportive person and carries integrity into her relationships. An excellent judge of character, she sees the best in people and brings it out in them.

I see her as an optimum leader for this county because she is a team player who continues to be an avid supporter of others who are working towards common goals for our community. She will not back down when it comes to doing what’s right and best for the wellness of the people on Orcas and the San Juan Islands.

Beyond that, Cindy is clear-sighted and has a deep capacity for both compassion and discernment. She brings this skill to one-on-one relationships and also tends to the needs and demands of the bigger picture or situation.

I believe she will take action to motivate positive change while acknowledging what is currently working to build upon it. These are qualities that we need in our leaders right now. For this reason, I say vote for Cindy!