Questions about Publicize Cropping



Here’s a screenshot of an original post: (Note the portrait oriented photo)






And here’s how it looks on Facebook after Publicize automatically cropped it: Note the square cropped image off to the left side of the excerpt, and it’s not a flattering crop for my family oriented website.







Here’s another screenshot of an original post – again, note the Portrait oriented photo:





And now see what it looks like on Facebook – Landscape Oriented crop with the excerpt below it:





Not terribly unflattering for Thomas, but look at this next one – Again, Portrait oriented original post on my blog:





And look how Rhiana got cropped!





Here’s one with no image at all (this happens frequently too)…

From this:





To this:





What I do know is, the Town Logo is an OLD image that I’ve been reusing for years for Town news. Maybe Publicize or Facebook doesn’t like old images?

And for the portrait images above, the one of Siri that got cropped to a square proportion was not as large an image as the ones of Thomas and Rhiana.

I would like to know how this cropping happens so I can format the images accordingly so they’ll look better on Facebook. Any help would be greatly appreciated!