Guilty, guilty, guilty…

Miles Cobos - would you convict this guy?

Miles Cobos - would you convict this guy?

One of the highlights of the school year (and a great way to end it) is the mock trials, put on by Jim McNairy’s government classes. The ones I’ve seen are presided over by a real judge, Carla Higginson (judge pro-tem), who also explains the finer legal points to the kids as they go along. The students play the attorneys, the jury, and the witnesses, as well as the defendant, and are coached by attorneys Carolyn DeRoos, Steve Brandli and Lawrence Delay.

It takes a while (last night’s trial took three hours, about an hour shorter than one of the trials last year), but the jury found Terry Bell (played and sung by talented FHHS junior Miles Cobos, who is a singer, actor, and all-around great kid) guilty on two counts of arson & inciting folks to do damage.

Tonight, the other class holds their trial, at the Courthouse. Drop by & check it out, if you like.

Great learning experience, and one of the more memorable events that FHHS students carry away from school each year.

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  1. you missed a few other helpers in this post… Kyle and Katie Loring has also been very involved in this project for the last two years.

    Comment by Anonymous on June 4, 2009 at 9:15 am

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