Pig Kissin’ – kiss for the cure raises $1700

Dan & the pig get acquainted before he plants one on the pig....

Dan & Leanne's pig get acquainted before he plants one on the pig....

It was all in good fun – folks could vote with their dollars, and Postmaster Dan Fleming won the top prize…the chance to kiss a pig. Leanne Grosjacques brought her favorite pig, Dan puckered up, and the deal was done.

Conducted at last night’s Music on the Lawn with Island Rec (wasn’t the music great?), it was all a fundraiser by the Soroptimists to make a buck for the Relay For Life this weekend, and when the votes were counted, $1700 had been raised.

It was announced as Kig Pissin’ early in the evening, but that didn’t fool anyone, especially the pig. 🙂

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One comment...

  1. What a shame there was criticism for such an act of caring and compassion. To take a fun and unharmful way to raise money for saving the lives of victims of cancer and demean it because someone thought the pig might not like what was happening, is absure. After losing a husband to cancer, I for one, applaude the women who put this together, promoted it and collected the donations. As for those gentlemen who volunteered to kiss a pig, horrah for you!

    Bettye Hendrickson

    Comment by Bettye Hendrickson on July 26, 2009 at 8:30 pm

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