Phone/Internet Outage

Here’s the latest from SJ DEM (Posting this at 5:05 pm, Tuesday):

Updated info from CenturyLink is that outage is due to problem with the underwater cable between Lopez and San Juan Islands. No ETA for return of service, but this is a significant repair that will require specialized equipment and personnel to fix.

Islanders can help by spreading the word about how residents of Lopez, Orcas, and Shaw access 911:

Lopez Island: Call 468-2991
Orcas Island: Call 376-2331
Shaw Island: Call 468-2991
Remember, San Juan 911 is still operational.

Please use email and local calls (on your island) to alert your friends, family, etc. and help us get the word out.

DEM will be updating our Facebook and Twitter feeds as new information becomes available.

Below are posts from earlier today:

Bad news gets worse… Now I’ve just heard from a friend that the police scanner says the problem is not a post hole on Lopez as was originally thought but rather that they think the problem is off Lopez in the water somewhere.


Just got this note from Dave over at the SJ Dept. of Emergency Management:

There is a widespread phone service outage affecting the San Juan Islands. There is local phone service within each island, but island to island and long distance is out. The outage is affecting 911 service from Lopez, Shaw and Orcas to dispatch on Friday Harbor.

Until service is restored, residents on Lopez island can call Lopez headquarters station at 468-2991 to initiate emergency response. Orcas residents can call the Eastsound station at 376-2331 to initiate emergency response. 911 calls on San Juan island are working.

Centurylink is working on the problem which originates on the mainland and will restore service as soon as possible. In the mean time Ham radio operators and Fire Fighters are staffing the headquarters stations on Lopez and Orcas to provide communications.

Dave Halloran
San Juan DEM


And then this note came in as well:

Per CenturyLink, the source of the problem has been located on Center Road, Lopez, where an unknown party has apparently dug into a fiber-optic cable. They advise that a new cable is enroute from Anacortes, due to arrive on Lopez around noon; the problem is expected to be resolved at the end of the day.

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  1. Comment by cloud sailor on November 5, 2013 at 6:30 pm
  2. Wednesday night 9pm it is still not fixed… I have only been able to reach my parents via email for two days now.

    Comment by kelly on November 6, 2013 at 8:48 pm


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