Owls Are Out!

Saw Whet Owl – Contributed photo

When you’re driving home from work, keep an eye out for owls.

At this time of year its dark when most people are heading home from work so owls are already out hunting. They may be so focused on catching the mouse in the long grass at the side of the road that they don’t notice the oncoming vehicle until it’s too late. Their light sensitive eyes are dazzled by the headlights, they are hit by the car and end up as a pile of soft feathers at the side of the road.

Fortunately not all of these owls are killed. Some suffer from head, eye or wing injuries and come to rehab centers like Wolf Hollow for care. During fall and winter we see all kinds of injured owls, from big Great Horned Owls, with a wing span of almost 4 feet, to Barred and Barn Owls, and tiny Saw Whets, only 7 inches tall. The majority of them have been hit by cars.

Some of these accidents could be prevented if we all remember to be extra careful when we’re driving after dark because Owls Are Out!

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