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Deb Langhans shares this information on her upcoming workshop…

Have you ever pondered how challenging (& sometimes counterproductive) it can be to try formulating new year resolutions during the darkest, most depressing time of year?  It seems to me such a worthy goal would be better timed with Mother Nature’s own modeling of regeneration–when Spring has sprung with new growth & possibilities!

Once that most conducive time is chosen, how do you determine which goals or commitments to target for 2018? Do you pick the same old topics that never quite stuck in previous years? Do you dare uncover those stumbling blocks & figure out different approaches so outcomes can change?

Then there’s the issue of relevancy. Do the priorities & commitments you might choose for 2018 reflect your current values? Maybe you’re not even sure who’s values you’ve been following all these years. Perhaps it’s time for an updated inventory of what brings meaning to your life.

Ladies, I’m offering another Inner Journey Collage© (IJC) workshop soon that addresses these very issues. It’s called, “Turning Over New Leaves” and it’s taking place on Sunday, April 29th, 12-5 p.m. at Bonnie’s Creative Passions.

IJC is a fun, satisfying & therapeutic process for women using collage as the centerpiece for accessing inner wisdom & deepening self-discovery, acceptance & celebration.  I created it in 2012 after studying & experiencing firsthand the transformative outcomes of expressive art exploration.

When women attend an IJC workshop, they first explore a theme through provocative readings, discussion & original meditative visualizations; next they create a unique, theme-related collage; then they listen deeply to lessons & challenges from collage images–that part might sound bizarre, but your unconscious mind & inner wisdom can do amazing things when given the opportunity; finally, they share perspectives & insights gained with other participants.

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All this exploration unfolds in a safe (confidential) & supportive environment. All materials are provided & no artistic talent or experience is required. (I actually emphasize that the IJC process is about creating beauty through personal meaning, not through “artwork.”)

If you’re interested in helping make 2018 one of your best years yet, I encourage you to contact me ASAP & register for this upcoming workshop. Only a few more slots are still available. The deadline for registration is April 16th. Please refer to the attached flyer for more details.

Here’s how fellow island women experience IJC:

“I have attended many collage workshops in the past and none has been so perfectly presented as this incredibly inspiring IJC Workshop! I would highly recommend Deb’s workshops to anyone who desires a deeper connection to self.”
~ Sal

“Every time I leave an IJC workshop with Deb I feel renewed!  The atmosphere of total acceptance and support from other women encourages sharing on a deeper level.  I treasure my time spent there, and the artwork I return home with, as a reminder of the commitments I made to myself.”
~ Trudy

“Deb is a gifted facilitator. With her as my inner journey guide, I feel secure, respected, loved and safe.  Groups are always a challenge for my comfort level but somehow Deb is able to create an environment that counteracts my discomfort…”
~ Marilyn

“These workshops are invaluable to me. I always leave IJC having learned something new about myself and feeling regenerated and so appreciative of having this rare time and space to do the work and to have Deb as my guide… She always provides an environment where it is safe to look inward and to express and process emotions within a group setting.  The effort and love she puts into this work is so evident and truly takes the collage process to a whole new level.”
~ Mariel

“I thoroughly enjoyed this IJC Workshop!  It gave me the opportunity to look within to see what my true passion really is, one I’d walked away from years ago and one that I’m now returning to!  I look at my collage everyday as a reminder of what I truly love to do!”
~ Jeanine

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