Island Senior: Video Series Offers Hope For Treating Memory Loss

Island Senior is a regular column on the San Juan Update, written by Peggy Sue McRae…

On the second Monday of each month Senior Services of San Juan County presents the video series, Awakening From Alzheimer’s. The next two showings on July 9 and August 13 will be in the Mullis Center’s Craft Room at 1:00 – 2:30 pm. 

The series, “explores new interventions for memory problems and Alzheimer’s Disease. Researchers from around the country provide new insights into lifestyle, supplements and activities that can prevent and improve memory impairments.”

I attended the showing last Monday. It was both informative and hopeful. Hopeful because they are finding more and more factors that effect cognitive well being and therefore more things we can do to protect and even recover from cognitive decline.

People are living longer now. It is not unusual these days for people to live to be 100. In order to enjoy our longer lives we need to retain three things, our vision, our memory, and our mobility. 

Regarding memory, the video on Monday featured anti-aging specialist Dr. Pamela W. Smith. The video covered a wealth of information. I’d like to share a few of the highlights with you:

First, what surprised me was the many different possible causes for cognitive decline. The good news is they are not all Alzheimer’s and chances are good that if you correct whatever is out of balance you can recover. Cognitive decline is not a one-way street. Even if you have the Alzheimer’s gene, you do not have to turn it on. Common medications, infections, poor sleep, diabetes, thyroid issues, stroke or heart attack, all factor in. Dr. Smith shared a case study of a man who experienced memory loss after traveling in the tropics. It turned out he had early Parkinson’s, Lyme disease, and parasites. Treating these conditions brought him back to 95% improved cognitive function.

What can we do to protect our cognitive function? Most of it will sound familiar, eat a balanced low glycemic diet, get regular exercise and a good night’s sleep, and have a good primary care doctor.  Dr. Smith discussed many supplements but for starters she recommended, taking a good multi-vitamin, taking a probiotic and switching to a different one every six months, and take cod liver oil for those Omega 3 fatty acids (also found in Salmon, herring, nuts and seeds) good for your heart and your brain.

If cognitive issues affect you or someone close to you, come and find out the latest information about what can be a challenging topic. Learn how to avoid or treat cognitive decline from specialists in this field. Here is to a long and healthy life!

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