Sustainable Recyclable Compostable Fair

This story was written by Brad Fincher

The San Juan County Fair is the largest community event of the year. Always in the third week of August, we consistently have over 20,000 visitors/locals/volunteers come to the fairgrounds over a four day period. With this many people, unfortunately a lot of garbage and waste is produced. So, the Fair Staff must continually come up with ways to support a cleaner, less wasteful event.

This year we are providing all food vendors with a preferred list of products to use such as all paper products (napkins, plates, and cups), wooden products (skewers, chopsticks) and aluminum cans and drink boxes. We are discouraging plastic and wax coated products, including utensils and lids, wrap and bags. We remind them every year of the county ordinance banning Styrofoam (County ordinance 1-2010) and ask them to not use pre-packaged, non-recyclable material like chip bags and condiment packs. We also challenge our vendors to find an alternate to the plastic straw.

Here is how you, the Fairgoer can help:

When you are at the fair, chances are there is a garbage receptacle within eye view of you. There is also typically a recycle container next to the garbage can. Be mindful and separate your waste appropriately. We have a dedicated staff that continually empties all containers as they get full. (Never-ending job) If you notice an overflowing receptacle, please let us know.

One time use plastic water bottles are recyclable but we have a more sustainable alternative! Inter-Island Water Company is once again a sponsor at this year’s fair. This awesome local company will be providing water coolers and strategically placing them throughout the fairgrounds! A “Water” map will be posted on the Information Kiosks. So, bring your personal beverage container and fill up with cool, filtered, free water all day long!

Remember, be mindful we live on an island and be island wise. Leave No Trace!

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