April is National Poetry Month

In appreciation of National Poetry Month, the San Juan Update is sharing  poems from local poets every Friday this month starting with today.

First up we have FHES 4th grade teacher Lowell Jons and artist/poet Sherry Smith Bell:

Hope and Destiny

Why did Hope cross the road?
To see if Destiny was free.

Turns out she was married to
Chance but his best friend Fate

was available and they hit
it off remarkably. Hope’s

mother Faith had a cow
though because Fate ate

goats and their family baptized
children AFTER the first

full moon in spring.
At the wedding Hope’s

sister Chastity caught the
bouquet and winked at Fate’s

brother Lucky, who arrived
just in time. Serendipity was

the maid of honor and took
the first dance with Karma –

everyone soon enough realized
that was a mistake.

After the cake got knocked
over by Misfortune, a drunk uncle,

everyone lost Hope,
until she was found in the kitchen

crying over a bottle
of spill’t Opportunity.

Providence had to be called
to clean up the mess.

Lowell Jons

* * * * *

Surprise Elements

Fire Purrs

Flames ignite

Perfect form delights

Dry frights

Breath blows drafts

Warmth rafts.

Water Dries

Wet, rough, calm

High, low, balm

Exposed rocks, beaches

Covered depth reaches

Mystery impeaches.

Earth Boils

Soft, hard, rock filled

Tilled, milled, drilled, frilled

On top, beneath, below

Layers upon layers,

Years upon years bestow.

Air Blows

Wings rise above, below

Conspiring, communicating

Depth, alchemists go

Around, mixing, waiting


Sherry Smith Bell

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