In the SJ Update Mailbag we have this letter from Richard Swenson…

First, I would like to apologize to Madam chair that she felt my first letter was an attack. I was trying to point out without being at the lunches and personally seeing the harmony, how can you judge? I know she is relying on paid staff and Operations Committee members, but they are the ones causing the havoc.

I’ve been coming to the island for thirty-five years, landowner for twenty-seven years and permanent resident for four years. As a member of the Mullis Center for three years, I have NEVER seen anything happen until this decision to ban the Pledge.

The Operation Committee’s position that other centers do not say the Pledge carries no weight. This is our tradition for over 40 years – even before the Mullis Center was built. Who cares what other’s do? This is OUR tradition. Seniors come here for the social aspect as much as lunch.

What is the Senior Community Center for?

  1. To feed Senior citizens who may need assistance.
  2. To provide a warm, safe place to meet with friends and keep active.
  3. To give Senior citizens a sense of worth by volunteering and taking off-island trips etc.

These things the center has been very successful at doing.

On June 4, 2019, we submitted 200 petition signatures of people who want the Pledge back as part of our senior lunch program.

The Operations Committee needs to look in the faces of the gray hairs and see how thirty seconds can bring so much unity and joy. Not allowing the Pledge is like spitting in the face of all of their loved ones.

The Pledge is a uniting instrument, it brings us together especially in these times. It gives a sense of pride and being a part of the greatest country on Earth.

I plead with the Operations Committee to overturn this decision.

Remember this is a place for senior citizens! Think of them first!

Now’s the time for San Juan Islanders to let your voices and opinions be heard! Thirty seconds can make a senior citizen’s day!

Richard Swenson
360 317-6919

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