Spend a Dollar, Donate a Dollar, Volunteer an Hour!

Stimulus Checks for Local Recovery—

Since government stimulus checks have started to arrive in bank accounts, many of our most vulnerable islanders have already spent their funds, need to hold onto their checks, or are not receiving any stimulus funds. We fully support everyone who needs to spend or hold on to their stimulus checks as a lifeline.

On the other hand, there are islanders who are wondering how to share a portion of their checks with the neediest in our communities. 

At the San Juan Islands Visitors Bureau and the San Juan County Economic Development Council (EDC), we are acutely aware of the hardships facing individuals and member businesses. We are joining forces in a campaign called Stimulus Checks for Recovery—Spend a Dollar, Donate a Dollar, Volunteer an Hour.

In the words of County Councilman Jamie Stevens, “Living here means we have the responsibility and the privilege to contribute and help our community during challenging times.”

Of course, if, or how much you donate is up to you and even the smallest amount will help. If 100 people on three islands commit to giving $100 from their stimulus checks to a recovery fund and spend a $100 at a local business, it would raise $60,000; 1,000 people giving the same amount would raise $600,000. There is power in numbers.

Realizing many may not be in a position to donate or others have already generously done so, why not show some COVID kindness, instead? Send a thank-you note to island medical workers and first responders; put a note of appreciation on your mailbox or your trash can; thank grocery store, drug store, and food delivery workers. Volunteer to do deliveries to seniors. Keep your memberships and subscriptions for newspapers, gyms, and classes; it’s only a few weeks and your continued support may help save a business.

On the flip side, we encourage those in need to reach out to the organizations below who have already raised considerable COVID recovery funds and/or offer other relief services for islanders. Help us spread the work on social media, use #stimuluschecks4recovery. Link to this release:  https://bit.ly/2RYQ7EF 

Places to donate, volunteer or seek help:

Lopez Island:

 Orcas Island:

 San Juan Island:

Buy gift cards or support local businesses on Lopez, Orcas and San Juan Islands:

We are grateful to live in this caring community. We are here to help you answer questions about economic and business recovery opportunities. Contact the EDC at: Info@sanjuansedc.org or (360) 378-2906. Contact the Visitors Bureau at info@visitsanjuans.com or (360) 378-6822.

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