Build an Asian Hornet Bottle Trap

As you may have heard, asian hornets (a.k.a: Murder Hornets) have found their way to the United States and have been detected in Washington. They are an invasive species and will decimate honey bee hives.

If you would like to help the State of Washington, here is a project you can do on your property – Build an Asian Giant Hornet Bottle Trap, (Instructions below) but be careful. Here’s the warning from the State of Washington Department of Agriculture:

Asian giant hornets pose a risk to human health. While they do not generally bother humans, they will attack if they feel threatened. Participating in Asian giant hornet trapping could increase your risk of being stung by Asian giant hornets. Be sure to seek immediate medical attention if you have a reaction or are stung multiple times. Should you locate a suspected Asian giant hornet nest, NEVER approach or attempt to remove it. Not the location and report it to WSDA immediately. If you are allergic to bee or wasp stings, you should NOT engage in trapping for Asian giant hornets.

So – if you’re good with all that, and you want to help battle an invasive species, here you go – Asian Giant Hornet Bottle Trap Instructions (PDF)

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