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A Photographic Journey: Iconic Birds of the World — Zoom Presentation with Peter Cavanagh

Written on June 9, 2020 at 11:56 am, by

We are liv­ing in a time of unprece­dent­ed tri­al. In an effort to bring you a much-need­ed recon­nec­tion to the nat­ur­al world, Friends of the San Juans would like to invite you to attend an upcom­ing Zoom pre­sen­ta­tion with Peter Cavanagh. Are you expe­ri­enc­ing trav­el with­draw­al after months of lock­down and can­celled trav­el plans? Peter Cavanagh  Con­tin­ue Reading


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Fact Check of Whalen Peti­tion Dear Edi­tor and Com­mu­ni­ty, We recent­ly received in the mail Mr. Ron Whalen’s request to have us sign a peti­tion to elim­i­nate the Land Bank by Decem­ber 2020. The request was loaded with false­hoods and out­ra­geous­ly attempt­ed to dupe our com­mu­ni­ty into think­ing that a yes or no answer meant  Con­tin­ue Reading

Trail Times: Spring Discoveries

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The fol­low­ing is shared from the Old Mil­i­tary Road Trail Com­mit­tee… Hel­lo Fel­low Islanders and Hik­ers, It seems that for many of us, ‘hun­ker­ing down’ on San Juan Island has involved enjoy­ing our mul­ti­tude of trails and even choos­ing some new trails to explore. If you’ve not yet expe­ri­enced the Amer­i­can Camp Trail, spring­time is  Con­tin­ue Reading

“Grow Your Own Food” Program

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With so many unknowns hap­pen­ing for all of us it is easy to stray from the pos­i­tive events hap­pen­ing every day that make our world bet­ter. Often, those events are acts of kind­ness that deserve cel­e­bra­tion. Some­times those events are as sim­ple as help­ing oth­ers plant a gar­den. Last spring, the WSU Mas­ter Gar­den­er pro­gram,  Con­tin­ue Reading

Kokoda Sketches

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Know Your Islanders: Thane Pratt, Koko­da Sketch­es: A Bird­ing Trek across Papua New Guinea Lace up your (vir­tu­al) hik­ing boots and join wildlife biol­o­gist Thane Pratt and artist Szabolcs Kokay on a trek across the moun­tain ranges of Papua New Guinea.  We’ll relive some of the adven­tures and expe­ri­ence the bio­log­i­cal won­ders of this, the  Con­tin­ue Reading

Spring Black Bears on the Yukon River

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FREEZER BURNED: Tales of Inte­ri­or Alas­ka is a new reg­u­lar col­umn on the San Juan Update writ­ten by Steve Ulvi… After grit­ting through anoth­er sub-arc­tic win­ter, there was cel­e­bra­to­ry plea­sure in first ply­ing the roil­ing, wood-strewn waters of the Yukon Riv­er in spring. The boat sea­son fol­lowed sev­en to ten days of heavy run­ning ice. The  Con­tin­ue Reading

Protect What You Love: Green Boating in the San Juan Islands

Written on May 21, 2020 at 7:42 am, by

The 2020 boat­ing sea­son is offi­cial­ly upon us, and soon our anchor­ages will begin to fill with local and vis­it­ing pri­vate boats. Our amaz­ing group of islands, where boaters find won­der and relax­ation, are also where fish and wildlife find food and shel­ter. One of the Sal­ish Sea’s most crit­i­cal and sen­si­tive marine habi­tats is eel­grass.  Con­tin­ue Reading

Build an Asian Hornet Bottle Trap

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As you may have heard, asian hor­nets (a.k.a: Mur­der Hor­nets) have found their way to the Unit­ed States and have been detect­ed in Wash­ing­ton. They are an inva­sive species and will dec­i­mate hon­ey bee hives. If you would like to help the State of Wash­ing­ton, here is a project you can do on your prop­er­ty —  Con­tin­ue Reading