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Learn how to prevent or reverse degenerative disease at The Mystery of Water workshop, by Nicholas Corrin, OMD, on Saturday, June 25, 2016, 2:00 – 5:00 pm at Island Soul Studios, 689 Airport Center Road.

Workshop includes lecture, visual imagery, and fluid movement practice, all pertaining to water: its role in nature, in health, in energy, and in spiritual development.

Water is the sine qua non of life. Without water, life ceases. God would have been unable to create the world without it: Genesis says water was there prior to Creation itself. Water is the ultimate mystery, the essence of who we are.

When it comes to health, nothing is more vital. All our tissues are fed and bathed by biological waterways. Nerve bodies may transmit electrical charges, yet they are fundamentally hydraulic systems, bodies of water run by pumps. We must keep these pumps primed. Otherwise, as we age, toxins stack up and block our circuits. This will inevitably result in aging, sickness or poor quality of life.

We emerged from the oceans not just once but twice. New discoveries in paleo-ontology support the theory that pre-hominids spent millions of years as ocean waders, thus sharing a developmental relationship with cetaceans. This has profound implications for understanding our physiology, our nutritional needs, our capacity for memory and its ultimate source in the water molecule.

“Drinkable water is rapidly becoming scarcer on a global scale. Soon, wars will be fought over water. Nothing is more important and urgent than paying deep attention to water. Ancient wisdom and modern science agree: all life relies on water.” explains Dr. Corrin.

Please note that the material presented in this workshop will be experiential and inspirational. Participants will be guided to move their bodies in fluid, healing ways. No prior experience is required.

When we move like water, we:

  • Revitalize organs and joints
  • Uplift our mood
  • Restore homeostasis through the actions of molecular hydrogen
  • Grow more adaptable and intelligent

The admission price for this three-hour workshop is $60. Register by contacting admin [@] or (360) 370-7059. For more information, click here.


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