Concientious Projector

Rob Simpson is back with a new installment of the Conscientious Projector Series. Here he is with the scoop…

Extraterrestrial Contact > The Evidence

​This Monday, 7:00 PM (Oct. 9th) in the library Conference Room, Conscientious Projector invites you to discuss a forbidden topic.

Have we had contact with extraterrestrial civilizations?​​

​Mainstream media makes the subject a mockery. Our own government says, “No​… No… NO. No contact”; Declassified documents from our own government say ” Yes…..Yes……YES. Lots of it. “

Let’s stop the merry-go-round.

Come examine the government documents (available through the Freedom of Information Act).

Dr. Stephen Greer’s research over the last 30-years is the subject of a new film… UNACKNOWLEDGED.

We’re going to watch it. And then we’re going to talk about it.

Because, if extraterrestrial contact is true, ……well, THAT would be… like the most important thing in… like, ever….dude.

(That was just in case a millennial reads this. Wish more would show up.)

For sure, I don’t want to miss out on world-changing history in the making.

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