Keeping Your Balance With Tai Ji Quan

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Stephanie Prima has a message for you… 

Open Letter to Gen-X’ers, Baby Boomers & The Silent Generationals

There is something subtle, almost unnoticeable, that happens to many people as we start to age. Even if we are walking daily and stay fairly active, we can still display this mark of aging.

Like a sneaky invader, age creeps in and gradually slows our reflexes, diminishes our limits of stability, alters our balance and gait. Our ankles aren’t as flexible, our steps are shorter, our arms don’t swing as wide as when we were younger.

Do you know someone who has tripped and fallen while walking a pet? Stumbled on an uneven trail or over a rug? Got knocked accidently from the side and went down? Perhaps these and other falls seem like no big deal, but in reality they should be a wake-up call.

I remember how my mother was so looking forward to moving out of her big home when she was finally free of her family obligations. But she fell in the bathroom one night, cracked her hip, and was never able to return home again.

Falls can cause serious injury, even death, can rack up medical expenses, and dash our dreams for a long, happy life. I’m sure you want you to have the strength and reflexes to catch yourself like when you were younger. That’s why I’m offering two classes in Tai Ji Quan: Moving For Better Balanceâ (TJQMBB), to retrain your body so you can continue to do what you love to do. I believe if my mom had this training, she would still be with me today.

You may be more prone to falling, and this class is appropriate for you if you have certain conditions such as blood disorders, diabetes, arthritis, lower extremity joint replacement, sensory disorders, vertigo, Parkinson’s, ‘Chemo Brain,’ excess weight, or take certain prescription or over-the counter drugs. This class is not appropriate for you if you use assistance devices such as a cane or walker full time.

The earlier we start these practices, the sooner we’ll have the reflexes we need to not fall.  The first class sessions begin the first week of October, Tuesdays and Fridays, 10:30am at Dance Workshop 2; also Thursday and Friday, 9:00am at Mullis Senior Center. In addition, I may add a lunch time class; email me if you are interested,

Enrollment for one or both classes is available now, and closes on October 19. Both classes are $95 for the first quarter, which includes 14 sessions. For more information and to register, go to, or call me, Stephanie Prima at 360.317.1448, or email

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