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In the SJ Update mailbag we have a letter from Allison Lance…

The more diverse an eco-system is, the greater its odds are for survival. Genetic diversity insures robust populations. This applies to Earth’s life forms, which includes humans. In order to ensure our survival we need robust biodiversity. Therein lies the problem, nature is unbalanced because the human specie takes about 60% of everything and pollutes most of the Earth. Plants, animals, habitat, water, fish are all being crushed by our numbers at 7.6 billion.

Hunting will not bring back the dying land. It just won’t. Rifles are not wolves. Hunting and trapping are mindsets. For those of you who say it is a “cherished tradition” – I doubt science will ever change your mind. Your word of choice is “harvest” which for me and others is such a strange word for murder.

A good place to start saving land and species is not to open up protected land for hunting. Hunting does not save species. Careful preservation is best. The deer are not foraging in the forests, it a safe place for them to seek shelter, bed down and rear their families. And, on their own accord the starving deer will be forced to enter your property to survive then you can kill them (or try to).

Wolves take the weakest and most infirm. Hunters kill whatever they can hit with a high-velocity arrow or musket ball and preferable are the biggest and the best. Just because we have technology does not make us smarter, it merely makes us dangerous. A natural, non-human predator does the best job. However, I am not advocating for the reintroduction of predators gone by. Although…in a perfect world, yes.

For those who want the island to have insects, birds, and the proper bacteria to sustain a healthy ecosystem (which in turn will sustain us) we need to plant and protect the endemic species. Can we plant bee habitats? Bat habitats? Bird and insect habitats? You see, I still do not think there is explosion of deer that is harming the island that y’all do. Human explosion and encroachment, yes, but not deer, fox and raccoon.

What will you leave your children and grandchildren? Drinking water, streams, lakes, mountains and all the critical species that keep us alive are what we need to fiercely protect and defend at all costs. We are not the most important species on this planet, to the contrary, we are just one specie in 100 million.

Should we get together and formulate a plan for conservation?
Allison Lance
(360) 298-0368

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