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Written on December 21, 2021 at 9:48 am, by

OPALCO Board Nominations Open: Interested? Virtual Open House for Candidates January 6th OPALCO nominations for board candidates are now open. You can help shape our energy future! There are three positions open: one position in District 1 (San Juan, Brown, Henry, Pearl and Spieden islands), one position in District 3 (Lopez, Decatur, Center and Charles islands,  Continue Reading


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The Co-op Difference: Capital Credit Checks are in the Mail!  More than $1M in capital credit checks are going out to OPALCO members this month, as they do each year. As an electric cooperative, the margin at the end of any given year goes back into the hands of members. Each year the co-op tracks how much you pay for power  Continue Reading

Rate Updates and New Programs from OPALCO Coming in 2022

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The November OPALCO Board Meeting included several changes for cooperative members including a 4% rate increase for all members, a change to the way solar producers get paid for the excess power they sell back to the co-op, and exciting additions to the Switch It Up! program including rooftop solar and battery storage systems. The  Continue Reading

Three Big Winners in OPALCO’s Island Way Raffle!

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Solar shares and electric tools Since the OPALCO Annual Meeting in April, co-op members who participated in the Island Way workshops have been entered to win raffle prizes including ten shares of the Bailer Hill Microgrid Project (to be completed in 2022), a Greenworks electric mower and a Stihl electric blower. The three winning names  Continue Reading

Are you ready for power outage season? Winter is coming!

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OPALCO can help you prepare As we approach the winter storm season, it is a good time to think about being ready for potential power outages: replenish your battery supply, fill up your gas tank (or charge up your EV) and make sure your phones and computers are fully charged – and you should know  Continue Reading

A Carbon-Free Adventure!

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Follow OPALCO’s EV Road Trip in October: Starting October 6th, an exclusive team from OPALCO (Communication Specialist Krista Bouchey and the “Switch it up pup” Pepper) will be driving the Co-op’s Kia Niro 100% electric vehicle (EV) to Eastern Washington and back, making stops to visit wind and hydro projects, innovative public power projects and  Continue Reading


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Solar Town Hall – September 20 This is your last chance to enter the raffle! OPALCO’s series of Island Way workshops concludes with a Solar Town Hall via Zoom on September 20th at 5:00pm. The Solar Town Hall will give an update on the next community solar project – the Bailer Hill Microgrid on San  Continue Reading


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OPALCO to Host Solar Town Hall September 20th  Last chance to enter raffle  OPALCO’s series of Island Way workshops concludes with a Solar Town Hall via Zoom on September 20th at 5:00pm. The Solar Town Hall will give an update on the next community solar project – the Bailer Hill Microgrid on San Juan Island, discuss  Continue Reading

Test Drive and Learn about Electric Vehicles in Eastsound this August

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From OPALCO At 4:30 p.m. Aug. 5 OPALCO will host an Electric Vehicle Jamboree at the OPALCO Eastsound parking lot. The in-person workshop will introduce members to a variety of electric vehicles, giving those who already have an electric vehicle a chance for some show and tell and answer questions. Members can test drive an  Continue Reading

State Utility Disconnect Moratorium to end July 31, Set Up OPALCO Payment Plan Today

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From OPALCO Washington State Gov. Jay Inslee is expected to lift the moratorium on all utility disconnects July 31. Since the beginning of the pandemic, OPALCO has worked with its members to offer bill-pay assistance and long-term payment options for those who have fallen behind on their bills. Members who have payment plans in place  Continue Reading

OPALCO Clears Trees to Reduce Power Outages, Increase Forest Health

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From OPALCO OPALCO has a strong commitment to keeping its power lines clear of trees and brush in order to keep field crews and co-op members safe, reduce power outages and prevent damage to the islands’ electrical system. This reduces costs – saving member dollars – and helps to keep the lights on. Orcas Power  Continue Reading

OPALCO Presents Online Workshop to Shift from Fossil Fuels

Written on May 22, 2021 at 5:00 am, by

From OPALCO Are you ready for the shift away from fossil fuels? OPALCO’s Island Way campaign is here to help co-op members prepare for the energy future that is coming fast. The next virtual workshop is May 27. Island Way events are interactive hour-long sessions designed to help members get the information and support they  Continue Reading

Struthers, Christmas and Osterman Elected to OPALCO Board

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135 Member Join Online Annual Meeting, more than 50 Join Q&A   From OPALCO Jeff Struthers and Rick Chrismas of the Orcas district and Tom Osterman of Lopez district were elected to the OPALCO Board of Directors.  The results were announced at the organization’s annual meeting April 24 held via Zoom. Orcas Power & Light  Continue Reading

OPALCO Discusses San Juans Solar Energy Online May 5

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Attend and Enter to Win Electric Lawnmower, 10 Community Solar Shares   From OPALCO OPALCO will host a solar town hall May 5 in the first of a series of co-op workshops that help members prepare their homes and businesses to transition from fossil fuels. Orcas Power & Light Cooperative, or OPALCO, is the member-owned  Continue Reading

Join OPALCO’s Virtual Annual Meeting April 24

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Enter to Win Community Solar Shares or Electric Lawnmower From OPALCO If you pay your power bill to OPALCO, you’re a member of the electrical co-op. OPALCO, or Orcas Power & Light Cooperative, is a member-owned cooperative electric utility that serves 20 islands in San Juan County. Each year OPALCO holds its annual meeting to  Continue Reading

OPALCO Clears Trees Under Power Lines To Improve Safety, Forest Health

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From OPALCO Orcas Power & Light Cooperative is clearing the right-of-way areas under power lines to protect the electrical system from outages, remove forest fuels that could feed a wildfire and improve forest health through biochar amendments to the soil. OPALCO is our member-owned cooperative electric utility, serving San Juan County.  The Civilian Conservation Corp  Continue Reading

Letter: OPALCO Orcas District Reps Ask For Vote

Written on March 28, 2021 at 4:30 am, by

From Jeffrey Struthers and Rick Christmas, OPALCO Orcas District Representatives It is time to vote for Orcas district directors for OPALCO and Rock Island. We, your current Orcas district directors — Jeffrey Struthers and Rick Christmas — ask for your vote. Here is why we believe you should return both of us to the board  Continue Reading

OPALCO Candidate Forum March 17, Election March 22

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From OPALCO OPALCO members are owners of the cooperative and each year elect community members to the board. Board members set rates, make policies and plan for our community’s energy future. Members will be receiving their voter’s guide and ballot either by email or via mail. All OPALCO members vote in every election regardless of  Continue Reading

OPALCO Board Voting Opens March 22

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From OPALCO As a cooperative, OPALCO holds elections for its board positions on an annual basis. The 2021 election is the first year of the staggered election process. ALL OPALCO members vote in every election regardless of their home district. The following are running for OPALCO board positions this year: • District 2 (two positions  Continue Reading

Celebrate OPALCO’s Completed Solar Array On Decatur

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 From OPALCO Join OPALCO at noon, Feb. 24 on Zoom for a video tour of the energy co-op’s first community solar array on Decatur Island with a panel discussion and Q&A session. OPALCO installed a one-megawatt battery storage project to couple with their first community solar array on Decatur Island. This microgrid is the  Continue Reading

OPALCO Employees On Lopez Test Positive For COVID

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From OPALCO Three OPALCO employees have tested positive for COVID-19 on Lopez and others are under quarantine, following the San Juan County protocol. At this time, the employees who tested positive appear to have mild to no symptoms and are resting at home. As their quarantine periods are up over the next week or so,  Continue Reading

OPALCO Board Zoom Meetings Open To Members

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From OPALCO Beginning with the Jan. 21 regular meeting of the OPALCO Board of Directors, co-op members will be able to sit in on virtual board meetings using a Zoom connection. A link for members to access the meetings will be published with board materials each Monday before a board meeting online at Go  Continue Reading