All about chocolate, from Ecuador….

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Linda & Maureen have been helping the folks with the Slow Food Project & the cool direction that healthy eating is going on the island (I love it! Have you eaten at the high school lately? It rocks!) Here’s more from our friends: Please see our latest update: Enrique Cerda, the truffle maker from  Continue Reading

The book about Friday Harbor continues to sell well….

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That book about Friday Harbor that Mike & Julia Vouri (right) wrote with the Historical Museum continues to sell well…Museum Director Kevin Loftus says you can still pick up your copy at the Museum, so drop by & get it. The book starts with a picture of Friday Harbor from the harbor in 1883, and  Continue Reading

Taking tourism on the road….

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The Visitors’ Bureau here in the islands is pretty active when it comes to spreading the word….last week they were in Olympia visiting with our newly-minted state senator Kevin. Here’s more from Robin: On March 9, Deborah Hopkins and Robin Jacobson of the San Juan Islands Visitors Bureau, as well as Carol and Bogdan Kulminski  Continue Reading

Islanders noted for helping with salmon recovery….

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You know, one of the reasons the local killer whales are on the endangered species list is a shortage of their main dinner: salmon. Recovering the salmon’s previous numbers is a key to restoring a healthy ecosystem… and several islanders have been key to that recovery effort. Here’s more from Barbara Rosenkotter, who is the  Continue Reading

Somebody wrote, so I looked it up for you…

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Somebody wrote, so I looked it up for you: This is a good link to bookmark so you can stay on top of this important issue: Has the Large Hadron Collider destroyed the world yet? Click here. Now.

Fill out the survey….

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Tim & Shannon & the bike club want to hear from you – this is getting off to a great start (that’s Pamela Williams out biking with Ian last summer, right): The San Juan Island bike club is looking for input from local bicyclists and would love to have anyone who is interested go to  Continue Reading

The Gulliksons are back….

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It was a nice surprise to see Glen and Bobbie (right) on the ferry yesterday – they’re back from their tour of the States (and a chunk of time in sunny Florida) to move back aboard on their boat & return to work on the island.

Grandma and Cam…

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That’s happy grandma Aimee spending the day last Saturday with her daughter Misa’s boy Cam, who, by the way, is two.

Putting girls in the middle of things….

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A friend sent me this little video, which I thought you might like….after you take a peek at it (it’s only a couple of minutes long), you might check out the Heifer Project & the people at Kiva for ideas. See what you think. Let’s get things moving.

WSF adds back the Sidney/Anacortes run….

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After discussing whacking the springtime run of the international boat, Washington State Ferries announced today they will run the route, starting March 29th. Here’s more, from them: WSDOT Ferries Division (WSF) will add service hours and re-open the Anacortes/Sidney, B.C. route with the beginning of the spring sailing schedule on Sunday, March 29. WSF will  Continue Reading

Getting sports back in the schools….

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Just received this note from schools superintendent Michael Soltman….as you know, the school board cut the funding for school-funded sports last week. Now, the schools are looking for another entity to work with on this, so they’re getting a campaign ready to reach their goals, with Island Rec. Here’s more: Island Rec and SJISD Announce  Continue Reading

Coming into the harbor….

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All the snow, clouds, drizzle, and cold were set aside Sunday afternoon as the Sealth pulled into Friday Harbor’s sunny waters.