Thank You Ferry Workers!

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L to R Jeri Aiken, Deborah Hoskinson, Erin Wygant, Annesa Knowles – Photo by Becki Day

The San Juan Island Chamber of Commerce and the San Juan Island’s Visitor Bureau thanked our local ferry workers with a card and Cookies from Felicitation’s Bakery on Wednesday.

L to R Jeri Aiken, Deborah Hoskinson, Erin Wygant, Annesa Knowles – Photo by Becki Day

What it Means to be Alive

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Bassist by Francie Allen

The Atrium of The San Juan Islands Museum of Art (SJIMA)  has come alive with the figurative wire sculptures of Bellingham artist, Francie Allen.  The exhibit, titled, On Being Alive!, invites the viewer to viscerally engage in the dynamic movement of fluid, transparent bodies, suspended in air or draped on metal armatures, enhanced by original music from award-winning sound designer, Nick Tipp.

The works featured in this exhibit are sculpted of wire and lacey metal netting, to highlight the dynamic movement of the human form.  Allen attributes the inspiration for these pieces to her many years as both a dancer and a sculptor.

The exhibit is complemented by a short video by the artist, available to view in the museum’s Atrium.  The video takes the viewer behind the scenes and explains Allen’s relationship with dance and movement as it pertains to time spent caring for her husband, who recently passed away after a long battle with Alzheimer’s Disease.  She likens his movements and her caring for him during this time to a fluid, loving dance. Read More »

Kitchen Sink Dinners – Feed the Island

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Fourth Year – Starting AGAIN! Cynthia’s Bistro is offering free take-away meals to anyone who needs a meal or wishes to have a home cooked meal. No questions asked, just free food. Basic Home Cooking made with everything but the Kitchen Sink.

You may pick up a meal for yourself or for those who need one and are unable to come. When we run out of food, we will close the doors until next time. We will be stationed on the front porch and handing out the meals at Cynthia’s Bistro – 65 Nichols Street in Friday Harbor.

Cynthia’s Bistro – 65 Nichols –
Thursday – 10-21-21 4:30 to 6:00 PM

Come by and say hello. If you care to join us and donate time or money to the cause, feel free to contact Cynthia at Cynthia’s Bistro or email at

Thanks to all who make this possible! It takes a village!

San Juan District Committee Election Update

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Mullis Center – photo Peggy Sue McRae

The following is a notice from Mullis Community Senior Center…

Due to procedural issues, the October 11-15th elections for San Juan District Committee have been canceled and rescheduled.

The new election dates are November 8 to 11, 11:30 am – 3:30 pm
Votes will be counted on Friday, November 12th, 2021

The updated slate of candidates and ballot will be included in the November issue of the Senior Signal.

Ballots cast before November 1st will not be valid – VOTE AGAIN.

New Book from Nancy Spaulding

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Fox Sparrow Press is happy to announce the release of Nancy Spaulding’s eagerly awaited book; Home in an Island Garden – In pursuit of an artful life. This is the story of Spaulding’s life, art, romance and adventures of living in the Pacific Northwest.

“I was in my early 30’s. It was my birthday, and what a gift! We were here at last on the island, and I was beginning to recover from moving day,” Spaulding writes of arriving on San Juan Island.

Her tale begins in 1978, when Spaulding moved to an island off the coast of Washington state with her young family. She and her husband Lewis naively planned to support themselves as artists. This is the story of their adventures together striving for an unlikely success.

The couple worked hard for years to reclaim an old pea farm overrun with rabbits. Between hammering nails, weeding gardens, perfecting their art, and feeding their family they watched their land transform, and their creativity flourish.

Their wild land became a splendid garden habitat; a refuge for themselves and for native wildlife ever flowing through.

“Our refuge is not always well tended, but it is always a place where we feel happy while creating a haven for birds creatures and people,” Spaulding writes.

The 158-page Home in an Island Garden is peppered with some of her well-known pastels and serigraphs like “Bicycle Picnic” and “Moonlight Lilies.” It contains newer work as well, including “A Quail with His Chicks.” Spaulding also shares previously unseen images from her private sketchbooks. Read More »

Hugh P. Stanley – 7/14/1926 to 9/23/2021

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Hugh P. Stanley – Contributed photo

Hugh Palmerlee Stanley, PhD. Emeritus professor of Biology at Utah State University, Logan, Utah from 1965 to 1990.

Hugh was born in Modesto, CA on 7/14/1926 to Hubert F. Stanley and Lois P. Stanley. After he graduated from Berkeley High School he joined the U.S. Navy Reserve and served on a destroyer in the Pacific Theater of World War II. He then attended Modesto Jr. College, the University of California at Berkeley, BA, and Oregon State University MA and PhD, where he met and married Marjory Miller in 1959. They had three sons: Mark (deceased), Paul and William. Hugh also had 4 grandchildren, Christopher, Jessica, Nicholas and Ella, and 2 great-grandchildren, Makayla and Beckham.

Hugh enjoyed 25 years of teaching university courses and working with graduate students. He retired from Utah State University in Logan, Utah in 1990 and moved to San Juan Island, WA where he had done research at the University of Washington Marine Laboratories previously.

In his retirement Hugh returned to a former activity he loved – art. He enjoyed painting landscapes of island scenes in watercolors and other media. He was very active in the Sunshine Gallery Co-op of artists in Friday Harbor for many years. He loved books and libraries and volunteered in several roles at the San Juan Island Library. He loved classical music and operas as well and enjoyed live performances particularly.

Letters on the Upcoming Election

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Below are links to letters regarding various items on the upcoming election.

Letters are shown in the order received and this page will continue to be updated as more letters come in.

Letters for and against
SJC Public Hospital District No. 1
Proposition No. 1
Authorizing Regular Property Tax Levy:

Alison Longley
Lee Sturdivant
Warren Appleton MD, JD
Deanna Osborn
John and Emily Geyman
Rebecca K. Smith and J. Michael Edwards
Kathryn Clary
Louise Dustrude
Trish Lehman

Port Commissioner:


For Victoria Compton:

Doris Schaller
John and Emily Geyman
Charlie Bodenstab
Nan Simpson
Bill Appel
Bruce Gregory and Colleen Howe-Gregory
Steve Ulvi
David and Kathy Finholm
Steve Simpson
Elaine Kendall and Ron Zee
Mark Madsen
Marilyn O’Connor
Amanda Azous

For Greg Hertel:

Derek Steere & Lauren Cohen

Fire Commissioner:


For Bob Jarman:

John Jensen
Members of EMS and Fire District 3
Susan and Peter Risser

For Dwight Colley:

Bob Levinson
Richard Grout
Lois James
Lauren Levinson

Mayor of Friday Harbor:


For Farhad Ghatan:

Noel Monin
Duncan Wilson
Bill Weissinger
Susan Key

Letters for and against
SJC Fire Protection District No. 3
Proposition No. 1
Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Levy:


Lois James
Leslie Brennan
Sally and Tim Thomsen
Dan Paulson
Adam Greene
Rebecca K. Smith, Mark Schwinge & Michael Edwards
Francis Smith
Peter and Susan Risser
Dr. Joshua Corsa
Richard Grout
Lois James
Nathan Butler

FH Town Council Position 4


For Mason Turnage:

Molly Hogan

Charter Amendments


Madrona Murphy
David Bayley
Ron Zee


World Polio Day –  October 24

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Since its formation in 2003, The Rotary Club of San Juans Islands has donated over $75,000 to ending polio. We contribute $2,000 annually through Concours d’Elegance and Rotary GolfFund.

In 30 years, we’ve gone from 124 polio-endemic countries to two (Afghanistan and Pakistan). Yet, without full funding and political commitment, this paralyzing disease could return to previously polio-free countries, putting children everywhere at risk.

When we talk about PolioPlus, the “plus” is something else that is provided. It might be providing clean water, bed nets, soap and even creating jobs. Vitamin A drops given to children at the same time as the polio vaccine has prevented 1.25 million deaths by decreasing susceptibility to infectious disease.

Thanks to a 2-1 match from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, every donation made at ( will be tripled.

Help us see this fight to the end.

SJC Employee Marta Green Recognized by Oil Spill Task Force

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The Pacific States/British Columbia Oil Spill Task Force is honoring Marta Green with a 2021 Legacy Award for her committed leadership in developing and advancing the San Juan Islands’ Oil Spill Prevention Strategy. Over the last five years, Marta secured grant funding and managed two projects to advance oil spill prevention measures for the shipping lanes through  Continue Reading

Fall Art for Fun is Back

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Don’t miss these entertaining and creative classes by Kristen Douglas-Seitz at the San Juan Islands Museum of Art (SJIMA). Art for Fun is a delightful two-hour art party set in a relaxed, interactive atmosphere.  It is a great way to enjoy a night out on your own, celebrate a birthday, share a date night or  Continue Reading

Seasonal Changes Bring Extra Challenges to Resident Killer Whales

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FRIDAY HARBOR, WA. – As summer Chinook salmon runs wane in the Salish Sea, Southern Resident Killer Whales typically begin to travel further south in Puget Sound in search of prey. A study compiling 10 years’ worth of data found evidence that the whales’ diets shift from primarily Chinook salmon in the summer months to a  Continue Reading

EDC’s Ferry Service Disruptions Impacts Survey

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The EDC recently launched a survey to determine economic and social impacts to San Juan County residents, from recent Washington State Ferries service disruptions.  Initial findings show that most residents responding to the survey reported negative impacts. Key findings from the survey: 447 participants from San Juan County responded to the survey.  Of those, 94%  Continue Reading

Island Senior: The Mullis Center, A Family Legacy and Gift to Island Seniors

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On the outside of the Mullis Center building there is a Plaque that reads, This land is a gift to the seniors of San Juan Island to honor the memory of our grandparents, George and Emma Mullis and our parents Frank and Belle Mullis. From Ina Mullis Gustin, James and Florence Mullis Lang, Wallace and  Continue Reading

Weekly Covid Case Update

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Since the last update on Friday October 8th, there have been 20 new confirmed or probable cases in San Juan County. Current total case count is now 332. Of these 20 new cases, initial investigations indicate that 3 appear to have occurred in fully vaccinated individuals. There are approximately 9 unvaccinated close contacts of positive  Continue Reading

Center for Whale Research News

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Joint media response concerning “the discovery of a new kind of killer whale” off western North America On October 4th, Hakai Magazine published an article with a headline reporting the discovery of “a new kind of killer whale”. Other media outlets subsequently reported similar headlines in Canada, theUSA and internationally, and although some content has  Continue Reading

State Asking for Public Comments on Recreation

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OLYMPIA–Washington State’s Recreation and Conservation Office is asking people to help determine how funding should be spent by taking a survey about what kind of outdoor recreation they do. The State is updating its statewide recreation and conservation plan, which includes a state trails plan, to unlock grants from the Land and Water Conservation Fund.  Continue Reading

San Juan County Land Bank October 2021 Meeting & Agenda

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The San Juan County Land Bank Commission will hold its monthly meeting on October 15, from 8:30am-11:30am via Zoom. The public is invited to attend. Click HERE to download the agenda (includes ZOOM link) and meeting materials. To learn more about your Conservation Land Bank, visit If you’re interested in volunteering and/or joining our  Continue Reading

WSF Reduced Sailing Schedules

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This just in from WSF… Washington State Ferries will temporarily operate reduced sailing schedules on most routes beginning this Saturday, Oct. 16. The change will help offer more predictable and reliable service systemwide in the face of crewing shortages due to a global shortage mariners that has been worsened by the pandemic. Therefore the following  Continue Reading

Cutting the Ribbon for a New Location and a New Name

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You remember Tina’s Tacos from up on Blair Avenue? Well they’ve moved and changed their name to Tina’s Place. The new location is downtown on the corner of Front Street and A Street where The Hungry Clam used to be, overlooking the ferry lanes. And along with a location change and name change is a  Continue Reading

It’s Time to get Ready for Medicare Open Enrollment

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Medicare beneficiaries have an opportunity each year between October 15th and December 7th to review their insurance coverage and make sure that their current plans will be the right ones for them in the coming year. Why should you do this? Because your health may have changed or your plan may be different for next  Continue Reading

Long-term Closures of Several Rest Areas Along I-5 Begins Oct. 15

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Washington State Department of Transportation shares this alert… EVERETT – Travelers who frequently use rest areas along Interstate 5 between Everett and the Canadian border will need to plan for long-term closures, beginning Friday, Oct. 15. The Washington State Department of Transportation closed the southbound I-5 Silver Lake Rest Area, located at milepost 188 in  Continue Reading

Construction for Wastewater Sewer Plant Outfall Project

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The Town of Friday Harbor has contracted with Redside Construction to replace its existing submarine sewer outfall line with new 18-inch diameter HDPE pipe via directional drilling and placement on sea bed. Then connect the line upland to existing sewer utilities from the Wastewater Treatment Plant. Two aerial views are provided to help understand the  Continue Reading