Caution! Wet Paint!

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Town streets are being restriped with fresh paint on the week of May 20, 2019. Work will include centerlines, lane/edge lines and curb markings.

The goal is to complete restriping of most major streets, as well as some of the secondary streets. The work schedule is weather dependent.

Motorists should use caution when they encounter road striping operations. Please, DO NOT drive across the wet paint stripes.

Although the manufacturer claims the paint will dry quickly under ideal conditions, your vehicle tires will likely track the paint if crossed when it is still wet. This tracking will not only make the finished striping job look sloppy, but the paint may transfer onto your vehicle paint if not cleaned off immediately.

As always, drive carefully and thank you in advance for proceeding with caution in areas where Town crews are working in the roadway. Contact Town Hall at 378-2810 with questions or concerns.

FHFF Winter Series Presents: The Bleeding Edge

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The Bleeding Edge is a 2018 original documentary film that investigates the $400 billion medical device industry.

The Friday Harbor Film Festival is pleased to present yet another important film produced by our own islander Amy Herdy who will attend, introduce and answer a Q&A after the film is screened.

“Medical companies are responding to a critical new documentary on the health care industry. “The Bleeding Edge” speaks with patients suffering apparent complications from medical devices such as cobalt hip replacements and the Essure permanent birth control device.” CBS

Written and directed by Kirby Dick and produced by Amy Ziering and Amy Herdy, it premiered at the 2018 Tribeca Film Festival, where it was billed as “the stuff of dystopian nightmares.”

Release date‎: ‎April 21, 2018
Directed by‎: ‎Kirby Dick

Produced by‎: ‎Amy Ziering‎ and Amy Herdy

Tuesday, May 21st at 7:00 PM at The Grange – 152 First Street, Friday Harbor

This is part of FHFF winter series and is free.
Donations welcomed with thanks.

FHHS Aerospace Team Invited to World Finals for International Space Settlement Design

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L-R: Teacher Dan Garner, Arlo Harold, Lucy Urbach, Joely Loucks, and Brandon Payne – Contributed photo

The Friday Harbor High School Aerospace Design Team has just received results from the qualifying round of the International Space Settlement Design Competition. Based on the judges’ evaluation of our work, Friday Harbor produced one of the top four design proposals in North America and are now invited to the World Finals held at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center in late July.

Over two months this winter, The FHHS Aerospace Team (known as Island Orbital Technologies, or IOTech) labored over a forty-page design proposal of a space settlement capable of capturing and adjusting the orbit of an asteroid. The design team was lead by returning team members Lucy Urbach, Joely Loucks, Arlo Harold, Brandon Payne, and Evan Foley among others.

Teacher Dan Garner said, “I am extremely proud of the focus, determination, and time poured into this proposal. FHHS students put thousands of work-hours into this project and now look forward to presenting their work to the public as well as preparing to compete for a world championship title at NASA.” Read More »

New Wildlife Art Installation in Downtown Friday Harbor

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Paired Owls – SJ Update photo

Islanders may recognize the two bronze wildlife sculptures now residing at the corner of Second and West Streets across from Town Hall.

Red Fox (2001) and Paired Owls (2006) by Whidbey Island artist Georgia Gerber had most recently been on display at San Juan Islands Sculpture Park at Roche Harbor. The Friday Harbor Arts Commission (FHAC) selected the pieces for acquisition into the Town’s public art collection.

Red Fox – SJ Update photo

“It’s now a space that people can experience and enjoy rather than simply pass through,” said Mayor Farhad Ghatan. “Our hope is that these sculptures provide an opportunity to feel close to our treasured island wildlife.”

Parks Department employee Sarena Schumacher had asked the FHAC to consider the site for an art installation as it was previously occupied by greenery that struggled to thrive. The commission had been considering options for bringing wildlife art into the town, and they had discussed borrowing or purchasing artwork from the sculpture park. Read More »

From the Mailbag

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Dear Editor,

Friends of the San Juans has been committed to protecting our environment since 1979. Throughout those forty years, Friends’ dedication to that mission has never wavered. This is why I support the Friends and serve on the board.

A major issue still facing the San Juans is the seven-fold increase in tanker traffic should the Trans-Mountain tar-sands pipeline expansion be approved. During my naval career, I served as a conning officer, navigator, and operations officer on a large amphibious assault ship. The rules of the road and safe navigation were my responsibilities. Those experiences, along with volunteering with the Islands Oil Spill Association, helped me more fully understand the dangers of transporting diluted bitumen through our trans-boundary waters. Read More »

Wolverine Spring Playoff Update

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FHHS Athletic Director Brock Hauck shares this updated information for our high school teams post season play. Also, see below for All League Selections for both Baseball and Softball.

  • Baseball – Our Baseball team won both of their games this past week, making them Bi-District Champions and they will now play in the Regional State Tournament at Yelm high School, this Saturday, May 18th at 1:00. Wahkiakum, the District 4 #4 entry will be their opponent. At the Bi-District Tournament, the boys defeated Crosspoint 9-0 in Game 1, and then beat Concrete 10-0 in the second game. The Wolverines are now 14-2 for the season. They need to win both games Saturday to move on to the final four portion of the state tournament in Centralia the next weekend. Visit our league website at for more information on seeding and brackets. Use the baseball tab, then the post season tab to access the information.

Read More »

Island Senior: Pancake Breakfast Now Benefits Meals on Wheels and More

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Dan Rognas, Meals on Wheels Volunteer – Peggy Sue McRae photo

Island Senior is a regular column on the San Juan Update written by Peggy Sue McRae…

With the popular community lunch program at the Mullis Center expanding from two to three days per week, now Monday, Wednesday and Friday, a few other changes have been made as well. Now, the Mullis Center’s monthly Pancake Breakfast will be earmarked to benefit San Juan Island’s Meals on Wheels and More.

Meals on Wheels and More includes the community lunch program, serving 60 plus meals each day, three days per week, plus another 30 meals delivered to seniors or disabled adults who are unable to leave home. Meals on Wheels and More provides tasty, nutritious meals including a well-stocked salad bar served with lunch at the Mullis Center.    

Meals are donation based for those 60 and older (suggested donation $5) under 60? the cost of lunch is just $7. The program also includes fresh and frozen meals delivered by volunteer drivers on meal days, Monday, Wednesday and Friday. The suggested donation is $5 per delivered meal but those in need are only asked to donate what they can afford. Read More »

Get Ready for Fair! It’s Going to be a “Wheel” Good Time!

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Spring has sprung, flowers are blooming, gardens are growing, the sun is shining and birds are chirping! 

This year’s Fair theme “A Wheel in Time: Cultivating Roots” reminds us of the cyclical nature of the seasons and the cycles of life. Now is the perfect time to start planning your fair entry to ensure you are blue-ribbon ready for entry day on Tuesday, August 13th

If you haven’t already thought about what you are bringing to the Fair this year, don’t worry – there is still time to plan! If you are wondering what to make, bake, sew or grow and need ideas – take a look at our 2019 Fair Premium Book, online now at

Here are some important deadlines to note – so mark your calendars! Read More »

Annual Grange Arts & Crafts Show

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Calling all artists, crafters, growers, makers and keepers! Bring your creations to the Grange Hall to display in our Annual Arts & Crafts Show. Friday, June 7th from 4:00 to 7:00 pm. Professionals and people of all ages are welcome; think a smaller version of the County Fair. We also welcome the written word, and  Continue Reading

Rental Property Options

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Merri Ann Simonson checks in again with another Real Estate column… San Juan County currently has several mechanisms for legally renting a home in the County. The information below is meant for informational purposes only and does not incorporate all the rules and regulations. It will however provide those who want to learn more about  Continue Reading

Letter from Mark and Heather

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In the SJ Update mailbag this morning, we find this letter to you from Mark Fishaut and Heather Christensen… Recently a letter was sent to patients of San Juan health Care that Dr. Burk Gossom is retiring as of the end of November, 2019. This is without question a significant change and will have a  Continue Reading

SJI Sculpture Park: Check It Out – Again

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Have you been to the San Juan Islands Sculpture Park lately?  The Park is rapidly becoming one of the most beautiful Sculpture Gardens in the Northwest. We have over 150 sculptures by over 90 artists, and last year we had over 46,000 visitors. There are new statues by Island Artists: Jason Napier, Eben Shay, and  Continue Reading

New Director for Camp Eagle Rock

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Island Rec is pleased to welcome CJ Woods as our new Director for Camp Eagle Rock; Island Rec’s summer day camp program for K-5th graders. CJ is a student at the University of Idaho where he is currently pursuing a physical education and health degree. His ultimate goal is to receive his master’s degree in  Continue Reading

Alchemy Art Center Launches Artist in Residence Program

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This June, Alchemy Art Center is launching their brand new Artists in Residence program with print maker Katy Collier and photographer Tess Malijenovsky. Katy and Tess will be residing and working at Alchemy, as well as teaching weekly classes and weekend workshops. Katy Collier is an accomplished artist and instructor based in Greensboro, North Carolina.   Continue Reading

Pet of the Week

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Hello there! My name is Chef Chutney and I just found a lovely recipe for an Indian dish. Maybe you could join me for an early dinner, I like to eat at 3:00. I picked up some fresh naan at the bakery, maybe you could bring a mango or two? I will be hungry and  Continue Reading

Big Fun at Tour de Family – Friday Harbor

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About 45 participants showed up for the 3rd annual Tour de Family – Friday Harbor last Friday. The weather couldn’t have been better and good times were had by all.

Nautical Symmetry

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Steven K. Roberts captured this image down at the marina last week and had this to say about it: An engaging bit of nautical symmetry stopped me in my tracks yesterday evening, with two sloops on the breakwater mirrored on both axes. It’s a gorgeous photo Steve – Thanks for sharing! And by the way  Continue Reading

Home Trust Outreach Ornaments and 11th Grade Community Projects

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San Juan Community Home Trust member Charlene (Chary) Caren was brainstorming what to do for this year’s home trust outreach when she hit upon the idea of little wooden ornaments in the shapes of their houses – 12 different ones based on real homes in their 3 neighborhoods: Sun Rise I, Sun Rise II and  Continue Reading

Chamber Featured Member

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San Juan Island Chamber of Commerce Featured Member of the Month The Cheesecake Cafe and Bakery, located in the heart of the waterfront in Friday Harbor, is the Chamber’s Featured Member of the Month. Opening at 6:30 every day, they serve full breakfast and don’t forget about the cheesecake! It is a very casual environment,  Continue Reading

Drive-In at the Fairgrounds

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Let’s all go to the movies this Friday, May 17th at the Fairgrounds!  Join us at dusk for the animated Disney Pixar film Brave. Admission is first come, first served. Parking begins at 8:30PM, and tickets are $5/person or $20 for family of 5. The Drive-In Movie will start just after dark. Audio is tuned  Continue Reading

SJISD Superintendent’s Letter to the Community

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Dear Fabulous Community Members, It is so nice to see that spring has finally arrived with warmer weather and flowers blooming. In the schools, lots of blooming has been happening, too. To start, our arts programs both Band and Fine Arts have had stellar accomplishments. Our Art students placed four of the eight winning entrants  Continue Reading

Moving Parts and Healthy Hearts

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Stay Active and move your body through the summer! Moving Parts and Healthy Hearts is a fitness class aimed at meeting the needs of people with limited mobility due to age, illness or lifestyle. The class will be a full body workout that can be carried out standing or seated in a chair. Participation in  Continue Reading