Rumble: The Indians Who Rocked The World

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In the oft-cited history of American music, there is a missing chapter that deserves our attention and respect: the influence of Native Americans. Despite attempts to ban, censor, and erase Indian culture in the United States, indigenous musicians played an important role in helping to shape the soundtracks of our lives. Many early pioneers of the blues had Native as well as African American roots.

And as the folk rock era took hold in the 60s and 70s, Native Americans helped to define its evolution. Rumble tells the stories of these iconic Native musicians through playful re-creations and little-known stories, alongside concert footage, archives, and interviews with some of America’s greatest music legends who knew them, played music with them, and were inspired by them.

Featuring some of the greatest music stars of our time, the film reveals the important – but rarely acknowledged — impact of indigenous musicians on the American music scene.

Directors: Catherine Bainbridge & Alfonso Maiorana
Best Feature Length Documentary, Best Cinematography & Best Editing at 2018 Canadian Screen Awards, Audience Choice @ FHFF -Tales From the Heart

Tuesday, February 19, 2019 ~ 7:00 PM
The Grange ~ 152 1st St. Friday Harbor
Pay What You Can / ALL Donations appreciated!

Malcolm Suttles, FHFF Board Member and projectionist extraordinaire, was so inspired by this film, he is setting up his own sound system for this screening.
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Pet of the Week

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Arlo is this week’s Pet of the Week – Contributed photo

Hello, it’s me, Arlo. No, not Guthrie. The other one. I’m the other, better looking, more-sophisticated Arlo. As an older, dignified sort of fellow, I’m looking forward to finding a quiet home where I can pursue my interests, which include but are not limited to rare coin collecting, writing haiku poetry, reading the New York Times and listening to the cool jazz radio station.

I also enjoy the odd game of parcheesi from time to time. Kindly let me know if you are interested in meeting to discuss options. I’m here at the animal shelter.

Animal Protection Society of Friday Harbor
994 Cattle Point Road
(360) 378-2158

OPALCO Announces Board Candidates For April Election

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Candidate Forums Scheduled March 4-7TH

OPALCO’s Elections & Governance Committee has interviewed and approved a slate of candidates for the 2019 Board of Directors election. There are seven board members representing four districts and 20 islands. Everybody votes in all elections regardless of their home district. The Candidates are:

  • Two open positions in District 3 (Lopez, Decatur, Center and Charles islands):
    Peter Garlock and Brian Silverstein
  • One open position in District 4 (Shaw, Bell, Crane and Canoe islands):
    Peter Hawkes and Dr. Jerry Whitfield

Moderated candidate forums are scheduled:

  • March 4: Woodmen Hall on Lopez – 5-6:30pm
  • March 5: Grange in Friday Harbor – 5-6:30pm
  • March 6: Senior Center on Orcas – 5-6:30pm
  • March 7: Community Center on Shaw – 1:30-3pm

Voter materials will be sent out via email or USPS (depending on member preference) on March 11th, when the election opens. Ballots are due online or by mail no later than 10am PST on April 10, 2019. Information on how to vote is clearly stated on the voter materials each member receives and is available online:

Election results will be announced at the Annual Meeting on Saturday, April 13th on the interisland ferry, followed by publication online at

Orcas Power & Light Cooperative (OPALCO) is our member-owned cooperative electric utility, serving more than 11,000 members on 20 islands in San Juan County. OPALCO provides electricity that is 95% greenhouse-gas free and is generated predominantly by hydroelectric plants. OPALCO was founded in 1937. Follow OPALCO @OrcasPower on Facebook and Twitter.

Salish Sea Early Music Festival – Early 19th-Century Serenades

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Oleg Timofeyev – Contributed photo

Early 19th-Century Serenades for guitar, viola and flute will be presented in this second 2019 Salish Sea Early Music Festival performance featuring guitarist Oleg Timofeyev, flutist Jeffrey Cohan and violist Stephen Creswell.

Included will be the Sérénade by guitarist and mandolin virtuoso Leonardo de Call (1767-1815), the Troisième Sérénade by flutist Anton Bernhard Fürstenau (1792-1852), and another Troisième Sérénade by violinist and guitar composer Joseph Küffner (1776-1856). These early 19th-century trios are for an unusual combination of instruments that was in vogue only during a few decades and are representative of the emerging romanticism of the early 19th century and the subsequent blossoming of chamber music with guitar by virtuosos on their evolving instruments.

Jeffrey Cohan will play an 8-keyed flute made in London in 1820 of Jamaican cocuswood with silver ornamental rings and keys, made in London in 1820 by George Rudall with assistance from George Willis. In 1821 Rudall joined with Rose to make Rudall & Rose flutes, which have found their way into the hands of some of today’s most well-known flutists playing traditional Irish music. Oleg Timofeyev’s guitar was made in 1820 in Russia.

Lopez Island: February 18 at 7:00 p.m.
Location: Grace Episcopal Church · 70 Sunset Lane, Lopez Island   

San Juan Island: February 24, 2019, at 2:00 p.m.
Location: Brickworks,150 Nichols Street, Friday Harbor/SanJuan Island   

Orcas Island: February 24 at 7:30 p.m.
Location: Orcas Adventist Fellowship Church · 107 Enchanted Forest Road, Eastsound   

Suggested Donation: $15, $20 or $25 18 & under Free

SJCT: Now Showing, Death by Design

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We hear from Nathan Kessler-Jeffrey, Executive Artistic Director, San Juan Community Theatre…

SJCT Death by Design – Contributed photo

What a storm that was! On day one, I was standing outside, watching the snow fall, blanketing the ground in white. On day two, I was bundled up in the house, making soup, watching movies and playing games. On day three…I was going a little stir-crazy. Sometimes you just need to get out and have fun, right? I find that no matter how beautiful the snow, two days of being cooped up are about all I can take! Fortunately, we have a fantastic opportunity for a great night out with SJCT’s hilarious new production, Death by Design, directed by Joy Van Camp.

This delightful play combines everything you’d expect of a classic murder mystery with all the things you love about a drawing room comedy. Secret motivations, plots, subterfuge, and murder feel right at home beside witty repartee, underhanded compliments, outrageous characters, and a mild dose of satirical social commentary. If you enjoy Agatha Christie, Noel Coward, Sherlock Holmes, or Oscar Wilde, this is going to be a show you don’t want to miss!

Sunday Matinees: February 17 & 24 and March 3 – at 2:00 pm
Thursdays* – Saturdays: February 21 – 23 & February 28 – March 2 – at 7:30 pm
*Thursdays are “Pay what you can” at the door. 

Island Senior: Planning For The End of Life

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Buddha at Sakya Kachod Choling Buddhist Center – Peggy Sue McRae photo

I was staying at Sakya Kachod Choling, the Buddhist Center on Mt Dallas, when I learned that my friend Ben’s cancer had spread into parts of his body that changed his situation from fighting for his life to acceptance of his death. A Buddhist Center is a good place to be at a time like that. It is a quiet beautiful place to contemplate impermanence.

Ben liked to brag toward the end of his life that he had seven women cooking for him. I was happy to be one of them. What he gave me was a valuable lesson. I was witness to a dignified and graceful death. I think of Ben when I contemplate how I would like to die.

It was a few years later that I again took some quiet time at the Buddhist Center to fill out my own Five Wishes, a legal document that 1) Names the person I want to make healthcare decisions for me when I can’t make them for myself. 2) The kind of medical treatment I want or don’t want. 3) How comfortable I want to be. 4) How I want people to treat me. 5) What I want my loved ones to know.

We postpone these tasks because they describe a day we hope will never come and yet it is reassuring to have my wishes in writing rather than one day only wishing I had done it. If you are ready to do yourself and your loved ones a favor by putting your wishes down on paper, the Mullis Center is sponsoring an Advanced Care Planning Workshop on Monday, February 25 from 1:00 pm to 2:30.

Find out the difference between a POLST (Physician’s Orders for Life-Sustaining Treatment), a directive, and a will. Learn what your legal rights are and the significance of a power of attorney. Explore end of life choices and learn about available services. The workshop is free. Call 360.378.2677 to register.

Time to Make Early Resident Camping Reservations

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Just a few of the campsites at San Juan County Park on the westside – SJ Update staff photo

Early resident camping reservations accepted until February 21st at 4:00 pm for San Juan County Parks.

San Juan County Parks & Fair is again offering advance camping reservations for people who reside in our county year-round!  Choose from San Juan County Park, San Juan County Fairgrounds (RVs only), Odlin County Park, and Shaw County Park for any dates in 2019.  

To request your reservation, please email for a 2019 Resident Reservation request form, or call 360-378-8420.  Resident reservations must be made directly through our admin office and are not available to book online. 

Requests will be accepted until Thursday, February 21st at 4:00pm.  You may reserve up to two sites per camping date per household.  Payment must be received with your completed application.  Parks Admin staff will do our best to promptly book reservations as they are received.  Reservation confirmations / receipts will be e-mailed to the email provided on your form via our reservation system. 

Happy camping in 2019!

Are You Considering Selling Your Property?

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Merri Ann Simonson – Contributed photo

Selling your property? Here’s advice from a pro…

Thinking about selling your property?  You may want to consider researching, collecting and completing the items detailed below.

This is not a check list for planting flowers on your porch and painting your front door, you can go to the internet for that information.  This list is to prepare sellers in San Juan County for marketing their property.   The issues below are for regulatory compliance, contract performance, will prove beneficial and are worth the effort in the marketing and transaction management of your property sale.

As your agent, I will assist with the process of gathering and helping you arrange for the various services.  That is what good agents do.

This list will not apply to all properties and it is not meant to be all encompassing.  The topics are in alphabetical order for your convenience.

Single Family Residence

“As Is” Sale: Washington is a due diligence state with the buyer able to process the suitability of the property with no risk to their deposit if their contract has contingencies. Some property owners believe by writing in “as is” on the contract that they are excused from making repairs and/or disclosing information about the property and buyer recourse. The statement indicates to the buyer that the seller has no intention of making repairs but the buyer may still obtain a home or other inspection reports as they deem necessary.  Disclosure and recourse are requirements and rights granted by law. Read More »

25th Year of Knowledge Bowl!

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We hear from Richard Meenan, San Juan Public Schools Foundation… Here’s a photo from the 11th & 12th grade team ten years ago… Are you ready for some knowledge? The San Juan Public Schools Foundation will host the 2019 Knowledge Bowl at the San Juan Community Theatre Monday evening, March 4, from 6:30 to 8:30.  Doors open  Continue Reading

Board of Health to Discuss Medical Air Transport

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On Wednesday, February 20, 2019, the San Juan County Board of Health will be discussing medical air transport, a critical Access to Care issue, at their regularly scheduled Board meeting.  The meeting will start at 11:30 am in the County Council Hearing Room.  The full Board of Health agenda can be viewed on the county  Continue Reading

Firefighter of the Month

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The San Juan Island Fire and Rescue Department is proud to announce the February 2019 Firefighter of the Month. Rookie Firefighter Erik Gresseth was selected this month due to his unwavering commitment to his community. Erik has an outstanding record of responding to emergency calls and attendance at training drills. Erik is someone who tries  Continue Reading

Postponed or Cancelled Events

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Friday, Feb 15 – The Episcopal Church Women’s Brown Bag Luncheon scheduled at St. David’s Church for Friday, February 15, has been cancelled due to ice and slush on the parking lot. Join us next month, on March 8, for another Brown Bag Luncheon.   Friday, Feb 15 SCHOOLS ARE OPEN ON LATE START SCHEDULE, TWO HOURS DELAYED  Continue Reading

Friday School on Late Start Schedule

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Friday February 15, 2019 Schools are open on late start schedule, two hours delayed start: Schools will run on a late start schedule commencing at 10:15 a.m. Buses may be slower due to road conditions. Please see the snow route schedules for late start for pick up times  and locations.  

Merri Ann’s Lifestyle Video Series

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Merri Ann Simonson is back with another SJI Lifestyle video… San Juan Island Lifestyle video that shares with you a snow day – Island Style. <span data-mce-type=”bookmark” style=”display: inline-block; width: 0px; overflow: hidden; line-height: 0;” class=”mce_SELRES_start”></span><span data-mce-type=”bookmark” style=”display: inline-block; width: 0px; overflow: hidden; line-height: 0;” class=”mce_SELRES_start”></span>

Mary Martha Circle Host Baked Potato Bar Fundraiser

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Baked Potato Bar dinner, Friday, March 1, 2019 from 4:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. at the Presbyterian Church. Potatoes and fixins (chili, cheese, onions, etc.) with pies and brownies for dessert. Cost is donation only. We are raising funds for our kitchen remodel. We already have $4,000+ in our fund and are hoping to raise  Continue Reading

What Birds Are These?

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We received this photo from Ruth Offen, “Just saw this gathering of I think commerants or loons all floating together. First thought it was herring ball, but not. Have you or anybody else seen this sight before?” Click on the photo to enlarge the image and if you know these birds and what they are doing please  Continue Reading

Alchemy Art Center: Collage Workshop with Thrinley DiMarco

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Alchemy Art Center is hosting a two-day Collage Workshop with accomplished local artist Thrinley DiMarco, Saturday March 23rd and Sunday March 24th.  This class will explore the creative process through the medium of collage, and participants will learn new ways of seeing and connecting with the world! From Thrinley: “The mystery and magic of creativity is  Continue Reading

Schools Open With Late Start

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Thursday, February 14: SCHOOLS ARE OPEN ON LATE START SCHEDULE, TWO HOURS DELAYED START: Schools will run on a late start schedule commencing at 10:15 a.m. Buses may be slower due to road conditions. Please see the SNOW ROUTE SCHEDULES FOR LATE START on the website for pick up times and locations.   

Career Center to Sponsor Job Fair

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If you are fortunate enough to live in San Juan County and you are looking for a job, there are employers eager to talk to you. For those of you who are looking for a work, mark your calendars and dust off your resumes.  On Sunday, April 14 the Career Center will sponsor a JOB FAIR  Continue Reading

CPR Class at Mullis Center

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   The Family & Friends CPR Course teaches the lifesaving skills of adult Hands-Only CPR, adult CPR with breaths, child CPR with breaths, adult and child AED use, infant CPR, and mild and severe airway block for adults, children, and infants. Skills are taught in a dynamic group environment.   Family & Friends CPR is  Continue Reading

Humming Bird in Snow

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Thanks to Richard W. Wright for this great photo (Taken Feb 12, 2019)… 

No School Wednesday February 13

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