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Annual Community Survey is OPEN — Wellness Promotion

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This sur­vey pro­vides the San Juan Island Pre­ven­tion Coali­tion (SJIPC) with some local infor­ma­tion about com­mu­ni­ty per­cep­tions and to look at it as one point of data ref­er­ence. We use this along with the Healthy Youth Sur­vey, school inter­ven­tion data that the Stu­dent Assis­tant Pro­fes­sion­al col­lects, and the pro­gram assess­ments for the pro­grams that the  Con­tin­ue Reading

Need A Washington State Boating Education Card?

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Sign up for an upcom­ing, on-line U.S. Coast Guard Aux­il­iary Course  Belling­ham, Wash. – This fall, the U.S. Coast Guard Aux­il­iary Belling­ham and San Juan Islands Flotil­la is pro­vid­ing boaters on-line, Wash­ing­ton State Basic Boater Edu­ca­tion Course. All Wash­ing­ton state res­i­dents must car­ry a Boater Edu­ca­tion Card while on the water oper­at­ing a pow­er-boat greater  Con­tin­ue Reading

SVC Running Start Program

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Skag­it Val­ley Col­lege announces a sec­ond-year award of pilot schol­ar­ship pro­gram to help Run­ning Start stu­dents pay for books, sup­plies, and stu­dent fees  Skag­it Val­ley Col­lege (SVC) is pleased to announce that the Col­lege has been award­ed approx­i­mate­ly $52,000 for a pilot schol­ar­ship pro­gram designed to assist SVC’s Run­ning Start stu­dents by the Wash­ing­ton Stu­dent Achieve­ment Coun­cil (WSAC).  The SVC Run­ning Start Pilot Schol­ar­ship will sup­port stu­dent suc­cess by cov­er­ing the cost of books, course  Con­tin­ue Reading

After-school Sailing Club and Race Team to start Tuesday Sept. 21st

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Sail­ing Club will be back on the water at Jack­son Beach soon! Mid­­dle- and high-school stu­dents with and with­out sail­ing expe­ri­ence are invit­ed to come sail one- and two-per­­son sail­boats on Grif­fin Bay. The SJI Sail­ing Foun­da­tion will be launch­ing two new RS Fevas – super fun to sail two-hand­ed boats — the first boats with  Con­tin­ue Reading

Learn to Run Construction Projects with the EDC and LCLT

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The Eco­nom­ic Devel­op­ment Coun­cil (EDC) and Lopez Com­mu­ni­ty Land Trust (LCLT) are offer­ing a free course on con­cep­tu­al skills to run a con­struc­tion project effec­tive­ly. Instruc­tors Sandy Bish­op (Exec­u­tive Direc­tor, Lopez Com­mu­ni­ty Land Trust) and Pete Kil­patrick (for­mer own­er of Raven­hill Con­struc­tion) will share their deep under­stand­ing and local per­spec­tive. The course will be on  Con­tin­ue Reading

Islands’ Oil Spill Association Offering Spill Response Training This Fall

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The Islands’ Oil Spill Asso­ci­a­tion (IOSA) is offer­ing free oil spill response train­ing for inter­est­ed islanders in Octo­ber. Ses­sions will be held on Lopez, Orcas, and San Juan Island. This half-day hands-on train­ing is intend­ed to give both new and exist­ing vol­un­teers an intro­duc­tion to basic response strate­gies and pro­vide a gen­er­al overview of the  Con­tin­ue Reading

Thor Hanson Book Launch

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Hur­ri­cane Lizards and Plas­tic Squid The Fraught and Fas­ci­nat­ing Biol­o­gy of Cli­mate Change by Thor Han­son There is always rea­son to cel­e­brate the release of a new book by San Juan Island biol­o­gist and author, Thor Han­son. If you’ve read Feath­ers, Seeds, and Buzz, and sat enthralled at one of Thor Hanson’s live­ly and infor­ma­tive pre­sen­ta­tions,  Con­tin­ue Reading

Welcome to Medicare

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Are you join­ing Medicare this year? If so, there’s a lot of new infor­ma­tion for you to under­stand.  Medicare has its own vocab­u­lary and rules.   There are dead­lines you need to make and penal­ties (some last­ing a life­time) for not doing things at the right time.  You will need to choose among sev­er­al types of  Con­tin­ue Reading